The wonderful island of Guernsey - not part of the United Kingdom (but still the British Isles), closer to France than the UK and recently made much more well-known thanks to the novel The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society! With Condor Ferries you can travel to the beautiful island of Guernsey in less than three hours - perfect for exploring the island by foot or by car. If you are looking for a perfect Guernsey day trip itinerary, then look no further!Disclaimer: I recently travelled to Guernsey as a paid partnership with Condor Ferries. This post may also contain some affiliate links which keep me supplied with coffee so I can keep writing. As always, all opinions are my own.

Disclosure: Thank you to Discover Greece and Celestyal Cruises for taking me on this incredible journey of Greece - even though this was a partnership, all opinions are (as always) my own. Thank you to Maria of Samos Experience for giving us an amazing tour of Samos island!Samos Island, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, is the paradise that you have probably never heard of. From beaches that could convince you that you're in the Caribbean to locals who go out of their way to welcome you to their beautiful island. Delicious food and wine await you here! When I saw that Samos was on our itinerary with Celestyal Cruises' Idyllic Aegean 7-day cruise, I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew about Samos was that there was a major refugee camp on the island since a friend of mine had volunteered there a few months ago.When we disembarked in Samos, I was in awe. The more I saw of the island, the more I fell in love.

One of my ‘must do’ activities in a new place (new city, new country, wherever!) is to find the best coffee spots. I had two and a half days in the city to find the best coffee in Palma de Mallorca and, of course, I accepted this challenge. I’m currently writing this while on my flight home since I’ve now had so much coffee today that I’m still buzzing…This list is a mix of online research (thank you Culture Trip and Foursquare for always being there for my coffee needs), personal recommendations from friends and followers and some that I simply stumbled upon on my wanderings. Palma de Mallorca is a haven for independent coffee spots (their ‘local chain’ is called Cappuccino, and is actually also pretty good but also more expensive) – a fun fact is that Mallorca actually only got their first Starbucks in 2017! This possibly explains how many independent cafes there are, and I’m definitely not complaining. So in no particular order…