I woke up around midday today, and got together everything I would need for sightseeing. I headed out around 1pm, and decided to take the metro to what sounded touristy. This was ‘Muzeum’.

When I arrived there, I found that I was correct. Muzeum is the metro station that serves Wenceslas Square, a popular tourist attraction and also a main shopping street. Muzeum is, I’m assuming, named after the large national museum it hosts. Which was, sadly, closed for reconstruction.

What was interesting, though, were the many signs with arrows for ‘extras’ and ‘hair and make up’. Clearly something was being filmed inside. I loitered around for a bit, hoping to find out something about what was happening, but alas my knowledge of the event was not improved.

I departed, and found a bookshop that was selling postcards. I was then drawn to their guide books, and purchased one for the equivalent of £3. Not bad.

I followed the route in the ‘Wenceslas Square and surrounding areas’ part of the book, and found my way to various destinations, including Powder Tower (Pražná brána) and – when I got lost – the St. Martin in the Wall Church.


I finished off that tour with crossing Charles Bridge. It’s an incredible bridge, and was the first one built in Prague. I then moved on – just as the rain began – to touring the Jewish Town.

I soon gave up on this, however, when I discovered that you had to pay to get into everything. I wanted to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery, but would have had to pay 300 koruna (£10) in order for a ticket, which included six other places, only one of which I was considering visiting.

I then made my return to the hostel. At the metro station, I managed to leave through the wrong exit, and get majorly lost. I had no idea where I was, and I became thoroughly confused.

Eventually I found my way back through the station and out the right exit, and soon returned to my hostel. On return, I requested to change my room, since being the only girl was really awkward.

I’m now in an all girls rooms, and we get free towels. Even better.

My new room should cost more, but since I ended up as lone female, they didn’t charge me anything.

I like this place.

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