I’ve reached London. After disembarking from my train, which disappointingly had no trolley service, I reached London Victoria parched, hungry and having listened to a lot of Enya to drown out the howls of two screaming children. 

I headed straight for Upper Crust when I was through the gates; I just can’t deny myself one of their Wiltshire ham and cheddar baguettes. Tea was also essential, and a convenient packet of crisps came free with the two items.

Next up, I went into The Currency Exchange to see if I could get some Swiss francs. They had some, but there was one problem. 

It consisted of one note. For 1000 francs. ‘About £700’ he said. I laughed awkwardly and left. I’m in Switzerland about two days. I only wanted to change £10 to start with…

It was then time to purchase provisions for the journey, and then locate the coach station. Provisions consisted of buying two Boots meal deals, which were on offer for £5 for two. Some snacks, two drinks, a bacon sandwich for breakfast and a ham sandwich for lunch. I’m all set.

I asked a very nice dustbin man for directions, and arrived at the coach station exactly an hour before my coach departed. It was time to check in.

With dreaded airport check ins on my mind, I approached the queue with doubt to whether 60 minutes was enough. Shame on me, I misjudged National Express and was done in 10 minutes. Check in for a coach is so much simpler and less stressful than a plane.

I got talking to a fellow traveller in the queue after he asked to borrow my pen to write on his luggage label. It turned out that he is heading to France for a meditative retreat. Sounds… relaxing. 

While writing this, the coach departed from the station and we’re making our way through central London. 

Methinks it’s nap time.

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