Well, thank God for train stations with free WiFi. The long coach journey finally came to an end at about 2pm, when we pulled in to the Lyon Perrache coach station. All in all the coach journey hasn’t been too bad, albeit it taking over 16 hours, but once we’d crossed the channel it was fine.

I became friends with a lovely New Zealander of the name Tyson, and on the ferry we discussed travel, traveling solo and our shared wish of one day visiting South America. We also discovered that we might end up in Berlin on the same day…

Once back on the coach, I let a French couple who had joined us at Dover have the double seat I’d been taking up and spent the journey until Paris next to Tyson. At Paris, he and most of the coachload departed, and a meagre 15 of us were left to travel onwards to Lyon. I was the only Brit left…

After arrival, I took a rather comfy train heading to Paris to get from Lyon Perrache to Lyon Part-Dieu. After a purchase of a slice of apricot tart at Part-Dieu I took a seat in the waiting room. I’m currently sat with a fairly odd group, consisting of a biker, a priest and an Asian girl of about the same age as me. I spoke with them a little and since they spoke no English, it put my very rusty French to the test, and resulted in some odd sentences with a bit of German mixed in.

We were just approached by the beggar, who bothered the priest until the priest sent the man away, and now they’re discussing something to do with begging. I’m not sure what, but I worked out the subject of the conversation. In my defense, I haven’t spoken French in five years…

Next stop Geneva, so I better make a move towards my platform. Once I find out which one it is, as least.

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