Budgeting here is really fairly easy. Prague is, I have to say, a cheap city. A coffee ranges from 29 – 60 koruna in the places I’ve seen, the 29 being the lowest for an espresso, and the 60 being a latte macchiato in Praha 1, near the castle. 30 koruna is approximately £1, or 25 is about €1.

Meals range from fairly cheap – like the one I just had, three courses for 145 koruna – to ‘pricy’, at maybe 450 for the most expensive one I’ve seen. The restaurant I’m in at the moment is quite close to Charles Bridge and is in Praha 1, meaning it should be more pricy that it is. However, pizzas go from the equivalent of 4-8€, which isn’t exactly pricy when you compare it to a £13 at Frankie & Benny’s.

I can’t comment much on accommodation, as I went for a cheap hostel with good reviews, and paid about £30 for three nights, while sharing with seven other people. I’ve had a look at the hostel’s price for a twin room, and it would be about £30 for the room per night. Not overly expensive either.

Metro tickets aren’t expensive, ranging from 24 koruna (about 1€) for a 15 minute ticket to 110 koruna (approximately £3.67) for a 24 ticket for all the zones. Compare this to a travel card in London, and it’s easy to see which city comes out on top for budgeting.

I took out 500 koruna for my stay here, excluding accommodation. After I pay for dinner, I will have about 50-60 koruna left, which is enough for a beer back at the hostel. Unless it’s happy hour, then I have enough for two.

If you want a budget drink in Prague, beer is your friend. I had a small dark ale earlier, which came to 21 koruna, which is about 70p. I’d say it was just under a half pint, too. Compare this to a bottle of water, which were being sold in the same area for 25 koruna for a 500ml bottle. Or 24 koruna for a bottle of peach Nestea when you’re outside of the centre.

500 koruna – my supposed budget – is about £17, according to my bank when I withdrew it. And it’s easily lasted me through 3 days in Prague. Compared to my one night stay in Zurich, where I spent the same amount.

If you’re cheap, come to Prague.

Oh, and don’t touch Switzerland with a barge pole. Beautiful, but not a budget country at all.

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