In light of the current situation, we have been creating data visualisations to really put into perspective what is currently going on around the world.This page will be where you can find updated data and visuals. We will be updating these each day with the latest data from the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).Further data has also been sourced from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, particularly in regards to data on states, provinces, territories and regions in countries around the world.

[UPDATED 15TH MARCH 2020]It feels like there has been nothing else in the news aside from Coronavirus in the last few weeks and, in all honesty, that's really because there hasn't. Each day we have seen more and more articles about rising numbers of confirmed cases and even news about entire travel bans and countries on lockdown.There have been many questions about what to do during the outbreak and whether you should still travel during the outbreak and which countries you should avoid entirely. Some people are in the 'don't stop travelling' boat while others say that everyone should stop travelling until the virus is contained. So, which is it? Should we still travel? Should we cancel all plans? How are we affected if we do?We are here to try and answer some of the questions surrounding Coronavirus as well as travelling during the outbreak.Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional myself. This article was written utilising many reputable sources including the WHO, CDC, NHS and studies in medical journals.