It can be hard to choose Valentine's day gifts for your partner, especially if they love to travel. After all, a trip would be one of the ultimate romantic travel gifts but it's not always possible within a budget! When buying Valentine's Day gifts for your travel-loving partner, it's much better to go for meaning and experience rather than value (and, indeed, for any Valentine's gifts!).This year is my first Valentine's Day that I'll be celebrating with a partner in four years so I've been scouring the internet for the ultimate romantic travel gifts to make sure I have the perfect gift. Since I was doing that anyway, here are some annoyingly adorable and cute (and some less annoyingly adorable and more practical) gifts for the special travel lover in your life.

Woohoo, it's that time of year again! Prime Day is here and there are some epic deals occurring on the almighty Amazon. Prime Day is a great day to purchase items that you have been wanting for a while but didn't want to buy at full price or to find items you never realised you needed and probably don't anyway and to get them at a bargain.There are lots of great travel deals on Prime Day, including heavily discounted luggage, cameras, SD cards, headphones and power banks.I have split this guide into two halves - one half dedicated to Prime Day UK and one half dedicated to Prime Day US as not all the deals are the same. Scroll down to UK or US depending on your location and happy shopping!Prime Day US deals coming soon!

The holidays are fast approaching (as much as I have been attempting to avoid them), and it's high time to start buying gifts for the loved (or, at least, mildly appreciated) ones in our lives. Props to you if you've started already - you're much keener more prepared than I!As a self-professed millennial traveler, I have put together a guide full of gifts perfect for the millennial (or millennial at heart) traveler in your life. Yes, this is basically an entire guide of things I want. Don't judge me.Disclosure: Some of these links may be affiliate links and therefore I might make some $$ from them, which is likely going towards funding my slightly excessive coffee habit.