How much income can I make from blogging? What should I charge for an Instagram feature? At what point will I start to make money with my blog?These are all questions I see practically every day in a variety of blogger Facebook groups, as well as in various groups on Instagram. Recently, there was a discussion in one of my favourite travel blogger groups about whether it's okay to ask someone how much they were paid for a campaign, such as a blog post on a sponsored Instagram post. The responses were somewhat mixed, with some people saying it was incredibly rude and others mentioning that for 'newbie' bloggers, it was actually really tough to know what to charge for sponsored posts.[caption id="attachment_4261" align="aligncenter" width="489"]Income reports making money from blogging Some bloggers create and publish income reports, but many don't discuss how much they get paid at all. Why is the topic so taboo?[/caption]

If you haven't already then check out the prequel to this post on Why Bloggers Should Discuss Their Income! In that article, I discuss why talking about our income and how much we charge for sponsored posts shouldn't be a taboo subject.However, it is often a very common topic that comes up and so I felt that I should address how I decide how much to charge brands for sponsored posts and different factors that I consider. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Before I went to Leeds, I was asked what I knew about the city already and what my expectations were. I'm pretty sure the Yorkshire Evening Post didn't want to hear "it's somewhere in Yorkshire and they talk funny?" but that was pretty much my main knowledge of the city. Yes, Leeds is in Yorkshire (specifically the West Riding of Yorkshire) and still to my southern ears they speak pretty darn differently (as stereotypes go, us southerners are known for taking the mick out of those from the north) but now I am already planning a return to photograph more of the most instagrammable places in Leeds!While best known for its role in the Industrial Revolution, Leeds has much more than industrial buildings to show for itself - from craft coffee to amazing cocktails and from spectacular architecture to amazing market halls, Leeds really does have something for everyone. I have rounded up my top recommendations for instagrammable spots in Leeds, including bars, restaurants and shopping malls!

On the 23rd January 2019, CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) here in the UK published new regulations and guidance in regards to social media influencers. Under the heading of 'influencers', the CMA includes bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and social media influencers.The new UK regulations for influencers have been a source of confusion for quite a few people looking for clarification, so I hope to clear some things up in this post. I have also reached out to the CMA for further explanation on certain points, so if/when I get a response to my questions I will update this post with all relevant information!I have also shared my personal thoughts and opinions on the new guidelines and would definitely love to discuss it more with you in the comments!

Some apps are completely pointless and are just for wasting time, procrastinating, or those ones that look great and you download them and never ever use them. Other apps are amazing, take the hassle out of your travels and you'll swear by them to anyone who will listen.The second category of app is what I'm going to talk about today!I'm one of those people that has an app for everything. One of my friends will say, "oh I wish there was an app that did such-and-such" and I'm always the one to jump in and be all "there's one for that!" and tell them what it's called, how awesome it is, and how often I use it.So here is a list of my favourite go-to apps for travel. I'm not listing any for finding flights as that will be a separate article altogether!

Hello, travellers! Today we are speaking to the lovely Eva Bosh, traveller and vlogger extraordinaire. Eva gives us an insight into moving abroad to Australia, starting her YouTube blog and provides tips and inspiration for those new to vlogging.And don't forget, her guide on budget-friendly travel is out! This FREE e-book is full of special deals, handy resources and practical tips. It's going to teach you how you can make travelling a regular thing on your itinerary fresh from the start of 2016 even if your budget is tiny. Get it here now!Read the full interview below!