I just wrote a whole post.

And then accidentally deleted it.

Seriously. I could cry. It took me about 20 minutes.

I’ll give a quick summary of part of the last post, and the rest I will do tomorrow morning, because I’m rather tired.

I was chatted up by a guy on the way back from Dachau. He started by blowing kisses at me, which was creepy enough. Then he moved to sit next to me a began to talk to me. Uh, please leave me alone.

He didn’t. I eventually responded in German. It turned out that he was Greek, and didn’t speak a word of German.

I see.

He eventually left me alone after I made it very clear that I had a boyfriend.

Back in Munich, and it was pouring with rain. I got soaked on the way from the station to the tram stop, and then again from the tram stop to the hostel. How unexciting.

After changing into dry clothes, I made my way to the cafeteria for dinner and ended up sitting with a small group of people who I’d noticed yesterday. They were the only ones speaking English and I couldn’t hear any German, so I joined them.

By the end of the night our group had increased to myself, a guy from London, three guys from Australia, a girl from Scotland, two girls from America and one from Canada. It was a multinational group and it was great.

We played some card/drinking games, which was good fun, and then one of the Aussies, Andre, mentioned that the piano room was warmer than sitting outside the cafeteria. Piano room?! I was interested.

We walked over to said piano room, and it turned out that I’d missed his intention for the invite to be me only. He stopped. And then asked if he could kiss me.

It definitely took me by surprise. I hadn’t been expecting it, and the way he asked was so sweet and so absurdly polite that it confused me. Especially after a week in Malia…

I almost felt mean saying no, and that I had a boyfriend. He looked quite put out at that, but I don’t know whether it was serious disappointment or caused by too much alcohol. Who knows.

When I went to bed, I finally realised what had been bugging me. He was shorter and less lanky, but otherwise he was the spitting image of my boyfriend, glasses included.

Hey, honey, I found your Australian doppelgänger.

In Munich.

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