Now this is just a little anecdote from what seems long ago, this morning in Budapest.

Well, actually. Let us begin with Monday.

I was on the tram back from seeing the castle, and an old lady got on. This old lady had a walking stick, and is who ‘priority seats’ are designed for.

No one got up for her.

A few stops later, someone evacuated a seat and I quickly took it, before tapping her on the shoulder and offering it to her. She was so grateful, and all it was was common decency.

This morning, I was on another tram, this one to the central station. An old man got on and a man – maybe twenties – got up and offered his seat immediately, and then helped the old man to the seat as well, supporting his arm that wasn’t leaning on his walking stick.

Maybe I’m a bit soppy, but this scene made me happy. This politeness – compared with the ignorance towards the elderly lady – renewed a little bit of my faith in the kindness of people.

Now, I hope the next time someone else gets on a bus/tram/train who needs a seat when they are all taken, you will be one of the first to offer your seat to them.

It’s a simple courtesy.

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