16:38, Wednesday 21. August 2013

The journey has begun from Lyon to Geneva. The trains I’ve been on so far have been a distinct improvement on the ones I usually get back home. True, those ones are generally not long distance, except the London Victoria train I caught to get the coach. The seats on these trains are comfy and roomy, the trains aren’t packed, the air conditioning is nice and cool and the tables are large enough to be functional. And it’s not even a German train.

The ticket collector on this train wears a cute little grey cap, which reminds me of the old school caps you see in films which are set in about 1930 or so. I have to say that I doubt it would suit me.

I just enjoyed my apricot tart, which was much appreciated. I do need to locate some supermarkets for the rest of my travels as station food is not cheap. That’s not going to change going into Switzerland…

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