It’s back into a country where I can understand what people are saying to me. Well, I’m in Austria for an hour at least. I’m on the train at the moment and we are about ten minutes away from Vienna.

After leaving Vienna, it’s back on the train to Bratislava for a look around there, and then onwards to my hostel for the next three nights in Prague.

I meant to get a train two hours earlier than I did, but in the end there wasn’t enough time to get ready, tidy up, wash up, check I hadn’t left anything and take a variety of public transport to the station. I decided to instead relax and take my time and really enjoy my large mug of coffee that is supposed to somehow get me through the day.

I packed the lunch that I’d made the night before, and repeatedly checked the apartment to make sure that I’d left nothing. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve left something important in Budapest when you get to Prague…

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