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  • The murals in Telliskivi are a must see when you're in Estonia - it's perfect when you only have two days in Tallinn.

    Two Days in Tallinn Itinerary

    I love going back to cities I visited as a child to see what I remember and to properly explore them again – Tallinn was one of these cities for me!…

  • One thing to add to your Dominican Republic packing list is a waterproof camera. I used a GoPro with a GoPro dome for this over-under shot.

    What to Pack for the Dominican Republic

    When I first started packing for the Dominican Republic, I figured it would be a pretty basic ‘bring dresses and swimsuits’ type event. However, I started remembering more and more things…

  • There is lots to know about the Dominican Republic before you go - check out these important travel tips for the Dominican Republic to keep your trip stress free and awesome!

    Top Travel Tips For The Dominican Republic

    Whether you’re simply considering a trip to the Dominican Republic or you have a trip planned for Spring Break or for a family getaway, these travel tips for the Dominican Republic…

  • The Shambles is one of the best known areas of York with its wonky buildings! Don't miss this on a weekend in York.

    Weekend in York: Top Things To Do

    The beautiful city of York was founded by the Romans in 71 AD and is well known for its beautiful historic architecture. Consistently voted as one of the best places to…

  • Amsterdam is a great city for photos - there's so much to do and see and the canals are just so photogenic. Here are the best photo spots in Amsterdam!

    Best Photo Spots in Amsterdam

    After my third visit to Amsterdam this January, I realised that I’ve never written any posts about the city! I still have so much more of the city to see (and…

  • The new UK guidelines for influencer marketing have been a source of confusion in the past few days.

    Making Sense of the New UK Regulations for Influencers

    On the 23rd January 2019, CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) here in the UK published new regulations and guidance in regards to social media influencers. Under the heading of ‘influencers’, the…

  • Don't forget to photograph the iconic red cable car when you visit the Wellington Botanic Garden!

    Free Things To Do in Wellington

    Wellington was one of my favourite cities in New Zealand and would probably be the top city I would choose to live in if I moved there! Wellington is the capital…