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  • Horse and carriage ride through Colombian streets at night

    5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Colombia

    What comes to mind when you think of Colombia? There are so many stereotypes surrounding the country and its people – that it’s dangerous, that you’ll get kidnapped or shot by…

  • ZEMAICIU BLYNAI Lithuanian potato pancakes

    Five Foods You Have to Try When in Lithuania

    Lithuania is a small (ish) country in the Baltic region of Europe and is where my family originally hails from. I have always been surprised at how little people know of Lithuania…

  • Van Gogh Cafe Bucharest Romania bookshop coffee shop

    Five Ways Travel Ruined My Life

    This may sound like an odd title for a travel blogger to write a post with. But it’s true – travel HAS ruined my life. Everyone says how amazing it sounds,…

  • Coffee and olive bread vegan cafe Berlin

    The Best Coffee and Beer in Berlin

    Now I will begin this post by saying this is by no means an exhaustive list. Berlin is an incredible mixing pot of amazing coffee and great beer from all around…