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My second weekend in Honduras, I travelled to Copan with a group of the volunteers I’m working with. We hired a pick-up truck and drove there – an eight hour drive! We swapped around who was in the back and who was actually inside the car. I definitely ended up having a nap in the back of the truck. It was comfier than I expected, oddly.

Copan road

Copan is gorgeous. It is located very close to the Honduras-Guatemala border and is an archeological site of the Maya civilisation. We stayed in a hostel/hotel called Hotel Yaxkin. It took us forever to find it at first, driving around the town asking people if they knew where it was (they didn’t) or if they’d heard of it (they hadn’t). We were beginning to wonder if the hostel actually existed or not (we hoped it did, as apparently two friends of ours were already staying there) when we eventually got GoogleMaps working on my phone and navigated the map to reach the hotel. Note to self: online maps for Honduras aren’t incredibly helpful. According to my map, we were driving diagonally between two roads, which apparently was just empty space.

However, we eventually arrived! We met the woman who ran the hostel (who was absolutely lovely) and after some discussion she took us to our rooms. There were eight of us, but we were given two rooms with a total of eight beds – six single beds and two double beds, so there was loads of room! We had two private bathrooms, although the shower did not work in one room, so that did mean that eight of us had to share one shower…

The rooms were very clean, including the bathrooms – although, with eight of us using one shower, they didn’t stay so clean… Towels, soap and shampoo were provided for each person and there was also free WiFi. In the mornings, we were offered free coffee and cake, and it was good coffee!

The rooms we had were L480 for two nights (approx. £14 or $22) which isn’t the cheapest, but is still pretty low, especially for somewhere very touristy like Copan.

Overall I would rate Hotel Yaxkin:

Affordability             4/5

Cleanliness             5/5

Atmosphere            5/5

Amenities                4/5

We were told the showers would have hot water, which would have been an amazing change from the usual ice cold showers at the volunteer house (as refreshing as they are after a day melting in the sun). However, the hot water lasted about five seconds for me before it went cold again. I’m not sure whether the others had simply used up the hot water though…

Overall I had an amazing time in Copan, and I would definitely go back there! The woman who owns the hostel also sells jewellery – bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. I bought a necklace with beads made from bone for a friend back home for a mere L100 (£3 or $4.50). She was absolutely lovely and definitely made the stay more enjoyable.

You may have a few problems if you don’t speak much Spanish (none of the staff spoke much/any English) but if you know a few phrases then you should be able to get by!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: Would definitely return!

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