I’m once again at the cafe that has wifi. The difference is that this time I’m inside and have bought a rather nice white chocolate hot chocolate. It had whipped cream on top, but that disappeared rather quickly.

Today I’m off to the Holocaust Memorial Centre. The weather is so much better than yesterday, so I’m going to walk.

Yesterday the rain was pouring down. I met up with a friend from uni who lives in Budapest, and we decided to visit the castle, which is also next to the president’s residence.

The castle is amazing. It’s absolutely beautiful and the architecture is simply incredible. It’s a shame that the weather was so bad as it meant that all my photos are slightly grey in colour. Sigh.


That’s the view from part of the castle. You can see the Danube (Hungarian: Duna, German: Donau) and also the parliament building. Off to the right would be St. Stephen’s Basilica, which is also an incredible architectural feat.

Well, it’s already lunch time and I haven’t yet done any sightseeing. However, a strong coffee was drunk so hopefully that’ll keep me going throughout the day…


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