This is a guest post by Darrelle Thompson of Darrelle Thompson Writing. Thanks, Darrelle!

I can’t swim.

Do I fit all of the stereotypes of a non-swimmer? In my eyes, yes! I’m a 30-year-old African-American man with a fear of water, so when my wife mentioned a cruise for our honeymoon in 2014 I immediately thought of the Titanic or being stranded out at sea on a broken cruise ship. It took 3 months of talking about it for me to agree to take a cruise to the Bahamas, and it was an amazing experience.However, it was still expensive. We all want ways to enjoy a vacation and get the most bang for your buck, and today I’ll explain some key tips on how to enjoy a fun cruise for under $1000.

What comes to mind when you think of Colombia? There are so many stereotypes surrounding the country and its people - that it's dangerous, that you'll get kidnapped or shot by drug traffickers (mostly perpetuated by Hollywood's portrayal). Colombia has always been on my list of places to go, but I haven't made it there yet (it's a very long list).So, Brendan happily agreed to write a guest post for The Flyaway Girl telling you exactly why you should visit Colombia.

Whether you're simply considering a trip to the Dominican Republic or you have a trip planned for Spring Break or for a family getaway, these travel tips for the Dominican Republic will ensure you're well prepared for whatever trip you are planning!My trip to the Dominican Republic was my first visit to a Caribbean island and I didn't entirely know what to expect. Since I've lived in Honduras I had a good idea about certain things (e.g. PACK BUG REPELLENT!) but I definitely learned a lot in the country. So thanks to both my successes and my mistakes, here are my Dominican Republic travel tips for you!

When I first started packing for the Dominican Republic, I figured it would be a pretty basic 'bring dresses and swimsuits' type event. However, I started remembering more and more things I would need and once I got there, I realised how many things I had forgotten and definitely needed!Here is my guide on what to pack for the Dominican Republic - whatever season it is! While this guide is predominantly aimed at female travellers (although guys, if you want to wear a summery dress then feel free, no judgement here), it can still be used as a Dominican Republic packing list for men if you substitute or leave out some of the items (I'm guessing you probably don't need a bikini or a bra).Happy packing!

This post was written by the amazing Alyssa Acree of She Went to Spain.

Alyssa just returned to the U.S. after a year in Southern Spain teaching English in a Spanish high school. The experience left her with the desire to share her travel adventures with others and encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Her goal is to see everything, to learn about other cultures, religions, and traditions and explore this beautiful, vast world.

Check out her amazing blog for destination reviews, travel tips, and a great "Ultimate Packing List" and read on to find out why you should visit Iceland, Morocco, Croatia and many other countries this year...