After my third visit to Amsterdam this January, I realised that I've never written any posts about the city! I still have so much more of the city to see (and always will!) but I have put together my list of the best photo spots in Amsterdam that I absolutely love.The capital of The Netherlands has always been known for its 'progressive' side - to the coffee shops where you can smoke a joint or eat a hash brownie or to its infamous Red Light District. The capital is also home to beautiful architecture, photogenic canals and lots of great coffee!Here are the best photo spots that you can't miss while in Amsterdam!

Where should you travel to in 2019? From emerging travel destinations to trending hotspots, here are the best places to travel in 2019! There are so many amazing places that deserve to be on this list so it was tough to cut it down to only this many.From Berlin, celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, to Kaikoura in New Zealand, which is now fully accessible again by road and rail after the destructive 2016 earthquake. Both Matera in Italy and Plovdiv in Bulgaria were named European Capital of Culture for 2019, so expect both destinations to be trending this coming year!Here are the top destinations you should explore in 2019:

First things first - winters in Europe get coldDepending on where you are in Europe you might be enjoying temperatures as high as 20 degrees Celsius (Canary Islands) and 17 degrees (Lagos, Portugal or Malaga, Spain) or freezing your a** off in as low as -40 in the coldest areas of Russia (Yakutsk) and -10 in places like Bulgaria, Lithuania, Finland and Norway. One year I visited Sofia in Bulgaria in January and the temperature was -21! This packing list for Europe in winter will cover a variety of different temperature ranges and weathers, from cold and rainy to freezing and snowing.Aside from warming yourself up with copious quantities of mulled wine (I'd say I definitely didn't do that at the Christmas markets in Belgium but I would definitely be lying) the main thing to do is come prepared. Temperatures can vary hugely from the middle of the day to late evening and during the night. Plus in many countries (*cough* the UK *cough*) rain can suddenly materialise out of an otherwise lovely seeming day.If you're not sure what you need to pack for jaunting around Europe in winter, this guide should help you with all the information you need!

Once Christmas is upon us most markets have closed already or are winding down to end before the new year. But - if you haven't had your fill yet (or don't have the opportunity to visit them until the new year) - some Christmas markets continue into January for your New Years visiting pleasure!If you're looking to adventure to some Christmas markets in January, then I have rounded up all of the festive fun still on offer into 2020.In this complete guide to Christmas markets open after Christmas (which seems like a strange idea but should definitely be more of a thing), you can find all your markets for enjoying festive cheer after the big day.

Europe is one of the best destinations to visit in fall - London looks stunning in autumnal shades, Paris becomes a fall wonderland and popular destinations in Greece, Italy and Croatia become much cheaper and less busy (so what's not to love?). I love the different styles in Europe, Parisians always look so chic, German fashion bloggers really know how to rock a cute sweater and check out Russian influencers for great style even in really cold weather!For me, Europe in fall is all about cosy knits, structured boots and big scarves - it'll keep you warm, it's comfortable and it's stylish. Read on to see everything in my packing list for Europe in fall!