Since Eastern European and Baltic cuisine seems fairly heavily centred on meat and potatoes, it's understandable to think that finding vegan food in Lithuania would be a major challenge. However, Vilnius is possibly the best city in the Baltics for a variety of vegan cafes and restaurants and is very vegan and vegetarian-friendly.While some countries struggle to understand the concept of vegan (or, in my case, 'no lactose' or 'no dairy'), Lithuania is easily ahead of the crowd with their understanding of dietary requirements. You can even find vegan versions of traditional Lithuanian foods so no need to miss out on that classic Baltic cuisine!Vilnius is easily my favourite Baltic city (and possibly my favourite city in general, although I am slightly biased since my family is originally from Lithuania) and I love the food scene there. They adore their coffee, the beer options are extensive and they are certainly on the instagrammable cafe trend! I have included all my favourite vegan and vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants below, as well as the few I haven't yet been to (watch this space! I'm back next month so maybe there will be even more recommendations...). Enjoy the delicious food of Lithuania and fall in love with vegan Vilnius!

Lithuania is a small (ish) country in the Baltic region of Europe and is where my family originally hails from. I have always been surprised at how little people know of Lithuania (and the amount of people who have no idea where it is) and most people tend to just think of it as 'one of those countries above Poland' or 'one of the ones that used to be in the USSR'. I mean, this is accurate (it is north-east of Poland and it WAS part of the USSR from 1940 to 1991) but Lithuania has so much more to its history, culture and identity.One of these amazing things is their food. I love trying local foods wherever I travel and Lithuania did not let me down!