18:28, Saturday 24. August

They should have a rule against people who snore. When I say they, I mean hostels. I have a horrendous headache and I’m exhausted, and I can put it all down to a major lack of sleep.

At the moment I’m on a bus in Dachau, waiting for the driver to take us to the memorial site of the concentration camp. At first I tried to walk, following signs to the old town, museum and castle. This didn’t work. I started off by following signs to the museum, but ended up stranded when the signs mysteriously ran out. Helpful. So I tried following the old town and castle signs instead, only to find myself once again without any signs for them, just a sign back to the station. Thanks Dachau, you’re not making this easy.

So in the end I made my way back to the station and took the bus instead, and we are now on our way. Hopefully.

The rest of today consisted of looking around Munich. I picked up a map from a kiosk for one of the sightseeing buses, only to get well and truly lost. I ended up walked through an obviously Muslim neighbourhood, and was stared at by a lot of the men sitting outsides cafés smoking their cigarettes. It was more than creepy.

I eventually came upon a church, and hoped that this was the church on my map. It wasn’t, it wasn’t on my map at all, but it definitely was a beautiful church I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

I picked up a map (a good one this time) and made my way back to the station using the U-Bahn. From here, I caught a tram to the Marienplatz, but I had to change on the way. I accidentally changed tram to the wrong direction, as I’d just assumed I needed to continue in the same direction as before. Wrong.

So, back off that tram and on to another. I eventually ended up near Marienplatz, and walked the last bit until I arrived at the Rathaus. I have to say that it was an incredible building. The architecture is incredible, but the building is now just too commercialised for my liking. There are shops and restaurants inside it, which I wasn’t a major fan of.

I went into another church, this one translating as ‘Church of the Holy Ghost’. It was almost as beautiful as the last one, but not quite. After photographing this church, it was time for a snack. I bought a punnet of raspberries and snacked on these as I headed for the closest U-bahn station back to the Hauptbahnhof. Then it was time for the train to Dachau. Well, after an ice-cream, at least.

I’m still on the bus. I asked about the memorial site, the ‘KZ-Gedenkstätte’ but apparently it is closed, and since it’s currently raining, I figure I will have to visit it at some other point. Before 5pm.

I’m now heading back to the station to return to Munich, and back to the hostel. I’m thinking of bringing out the henna and seeing if anyone wants a design… Who knows, maybe I will make some change to pay for dinner.

Probably not.

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