12:31, Saturday 24. August

I’m heading back into the city for a full day of sightseeing. What’s even better is than most of my stuff is in a locker back at the hostel, meaning that my shoulders are having a relaxing day for once.

I’m not as tired as I expected to be as I can’t have had more than five hours sleep, what with someone in the tent snoring like a pig on steroids equipped with a loudspeaker. I don’t know how anyone else could fall asleep with that going on, and I really hope they’re not staying tonight as well.

The bright side is that the hostel has WiFi throughout, albeit a little slow. Oh, and warm showers. A shower this morning made me almost forget how I wanted to make the snorer sleep outside if he was staying tonight as well.

Breakfast consisted of chocolate milk and a banana, a thoroughly nutritious start to the day. Then add a fairly pricy tram ticket and I’m heading back into the city centre, equipped with my trusty camera.

I’m sat with a Portuguese girl called Jessica, who wasn’t sure how to get back to the station and so asked me. It turns out that she and her sister had come to Munich for a festival, bit her sister is ill and currently in hospital, so no festival for them. She’s not sure when she’ll be going home, as it’ll just be once her sister is better.

A few more stops and I will be outside the main station, and I will try not to fall asleep while waiting…

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