Once Christmas is upon us most markets have closed already or are winding down to end before the new year. But - if you haven't had your fill yet (or don't have the opportunity to visit them until the new year) - some Christmas markets continue into January for your New Years visiting pleasure!If you're looking to adventure to some Christmas markets in January, then I have rounded up all of the festive fun still on offer into 2020.In this complete guide to Christmas markets open after Christmas (which seems like a strange idea but should definitely be more of a thing), you can find all your markets for enjoying festive cheer after the big day.

I love going back to cities I visited as a child to see what I remember and to properly explore them again - Tallinn was one of these cities for me! I first visited over 10 years ago and so it was high time to return. Tallinn is one of those cities that looks like a real-life fairytale as it has one of the best preserved medieval towns in all of Europe, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Two days in Tallinn is a perfect introduction to the city and to Estonia. You can also combine this two day Tallinn itinerary with other cities in the Baltic or other places in Estonia, as well as a trip to Helsinki!