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  • If you are looking for the best things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia then this is where you need to be - from Orbeliani Baths, this beautiful Persian-style bathhouse in Abanotubani, to Mtatsminda theme park and ancient Narikala Fortress, this city has something for every traveller visiting the Caucasus.

    Best Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

    Georgia’s capital city is gaining popularity as a destination, as it well deserves! When I first visited in 2017, the usual response to saying I was visiting Georgia was, “oh, the…

  • The art research library in the Rijksmuseum is a beautiful library - with an arched ceiling made up of panes of glass, three large windows and books covering all the walls, it's a truly beautiful part of the museum.

    The Ultimate One Day in Amsterdam Itinerary

    Amsterdam is an incredible city that is always buzzing with people, events and, well, cannabis. While Amsterdam generally seems best known for its liberal views on prostitution and cannabis, there is…

  • Here are some of my top tips that you should know before your visit to Belarus! When you visit Belarus these are things you should know about transport, visas and more.

    Things to Know Before You Visit Belarus

    So, you’re thinking of visiting Belarus. Some people may be confused as to why you wish to visit this country in eastern Europe that most wouldn’t think of as a destination…

  • Start your one day in Auckland with a delicious brunch at Shake Isles Coffee Co

    Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Travel

    Woohoo, it’s that time of year again! Prime Day is here and there are some epic deals occurring on the almighty Amazon. Prime Day is a great day to purchase items…

  • Vegan Vilnius - try a vegan donut at Holy Donut and you won't want to have 'normal' donuts again! One of many excellent vegan cafes in Vilnius.

    Vegan Vilnius: The Best Vegan Restaurants in Vilnius

    Since Eastern European and Baltic cuisine seems fairly heavily centred on meat and potatoes, it’s understandable to think that finding vegan food in Lithuania would be a major challenge. However, Vilnius…

  • New Zealand is possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Lake Tekapo is a must visit when you explore New Zealand.

    50+ Photos That Will Make You Want to Explore New Zealand

    New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country with everything from beaches to mountains, glaciers to rainforests and geothermal springs to fjords. Photographers, filmmakers and nature lovers alike have fallen for the…