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  • Vegan Vilnius - try a vegan donut at Holy Donut and you won't want to have 'normal' donuts again! One of many excellent vegan cafes in Vilnius.

    Vegan Vilnius: The Best Vegan Restaurants in Vilnius

    Since Eastern European and Baltic cuisine seems fairly heavily centred on meat and potatoes, it’s understandable to think that finding vegan food in Lithuania would be a major challenge. However, Vilnius…

  • The Christmas market in Chisinau , Moldova is one that continues in January

    Christmas Markets in January 2020

    Once Christmas is upon us most markets have closed already or are winding down to end before the new year. But – if you haven’t had your fill yet (or don’t…

  • ZEMAICIU BLYNAI Lithuanian potato pancakes

    Five Foods You Have to Try When in Lithuania

    Lithuania is a small (ish) country in the Baltic region of Europe and is where my family originally hails from. I have always been surprised at how little people know of Lithuania…