When I first started packing for the Dominican Republic, I figured it would be a pretty basic 'bring dresses and swimsuits' type event. However, I started remembering more and more things I would need and once I got there, I realised how many things I had forgotten and definitely needed!Here is my guide on what to pack for the Dominican Republic - whatever season it is! While this guide is predominantly aimed at female travellers (although guys, if you want to wear a summery dress then feel free, no judgement here), it can still be used as a Dominican Republic packing list for men if you substitute or leave out some of the items (I'm guessing you probably don't need a bikini or a bra).Happy packing!

Whether you're simply considering a trip to the Dominican Republic or you have a trip planned for Spring Break or for a family getaway, these travel tips for the Dominican Republic will ensure you're well prepared for whatever trip you are planning!My trip to the Dominican Republic was my first visit to a Caribbean island and I didn't entirely know what to expect. Since I've lived in Honduras I had a good idea about certain things (e.g. PACK BUG REPELLENT!) but I definitely learned a lot in the country. So thanks to both my successes and my mistakes, here are my Dominican Republic travel tips for you!