It can be hard to choose Valentine’s day gifts for your partner, especially if they love to travel. After all, a trip would be one of the ultimate romantic travel gifts but it’s not always possible within a budget! When buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your travel-loving partner, it’s much better to go for meaning and experience rather than value (and, indeed, for any Valentine’s gifts!).

This year is my first Valentine’s Day that I’ll be celebrating with a partner in four years so I’ve been scouring the internet for the ultimate romantic travel gifts to make sure I have the perfect gift. Since I was doing that anyway, here are some annoyingly adorable and cute (and some less annoyingly adorable and more practical) gifts for the special travel lover in your life.

Annoyingly Adorable (Yet Cute AF) Gifts For Travel Lovers

This section is dedicated to the kind of gifts that will make you want to vomit up love hearts and sparkles but also to go and buy the adorable gifts anyway. Like, these are the kind of gifts you secretly want to be given but also think are ridiculously mushy. Most of these gifts are meant for longer-term relationships (i.e. not Valentine’s Day is your third date) and are a great way of celebrating your time spent together.

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of mushiness…

Travel scrapbook

Bonus mushy points if you fill out part of the scrapbook (or at least the first page) with some of your favourite moments from your travels together. A travel scrapbook is a great gift as it provides a keepsake place for all the mementoes from your trips together (or not together, I don’t know what your special someone is like).

If you really want to be super cute and adorable, handwrite a love letter and put it inside the scrapbook so they get a cute little surprise when they open it. *chorus of awwwwwws*

There are a variety of travel scrapbooks on offer out there and some even offer personalisation so you can get their name printed on it or put a photo of the two of you in the front cover for a bonus AWW factor.

Check out this super cute one from Michaels – it costs less than $20 and includes a space to add a photo of the two of you on the front cover! Michaels also offers a larger travel scrapbook with photo space on the cover for $39.99 which also comes with lots of cute travel-themed stickers as well.

A cute Valentine's day travel gift is this scrapbook which has space to add a photo of you together on the front cover


I’m also a big fan of this (less personalised) scrapbook that declares it’s ‘OUR ADVENTURE BOOK’ on the front cover. Cute, huh? While not as personalisable as some of the others, it lets your significant other know that it’s for all YOUR adventures. Mutual adventures. Couple-y adventures. You get me? Mmhmm. It’s also available from Amazon with Prime Shipping if you forgot about a gift… #justsaying

A unique travel gift is this super cute travel scrapbook that says 'our adventure book' on the front.


Travel memory box

I’m actually not 100% how vomit-inducing mushy this really is since I actually rather like it and I’m not a super mushy person (mostly). However, it’s still a pretty ‘aw isn’t this cute’ present, so I figured it belonged under annoyingly adorable rather than the ‘less mushy’ section.

A travel memory box (also called a keepsake box) is a great way of keeping ticket stubs from concerts, boarding passes from flights, tickets from attractions and so on. There’s no organisation involved (like a scrapbook) and they don’t have to be a consistent size (like some that are for concert tickets) – it’s just as simple as ‘drop the item in the slot at the top’ and you’re done.

This is perfect for people who do want to keep mementoes from trips but don’t want to go to the time and effort of putting them all in a scrapbook, but still want to do better than keeping them in a random pile together. This is also a great idea if you’re going on a longer trip as you can dedicate the keepsake box to all your tickets/boarding passes from that one trip. Otherwise, having one for 2020 is also a great way to do it. If you travel less, you can also keep it as a ‘from now until it’s full’ duration.

I found a super cute one on Etsy a while back which could be personalised and now I can’t find it so that’s pretty annoying.

Instead, I did find some pretty sweet ones also on Etsy as well as Amazon, so here are some of my top suggestions:

Check out this basic keepsake box with wording (‘memory stubs’) that is only £20 from Amazon – including one-day Prime delivery!

A super adorable Valentine's Day travel gift has to be this memory box for storing ticket stubs, boarding passes and more!

If you’re looking for something that won’t take up too much space, this 8×8 inch keepsake box is super cute with ‘collecting memories’ written on the front. It’s also wonderfully affordable at only £10.99!

Collect memories with bae with this keepsake box for dropping in all your tickets from your travels together.

For those who will be shipping to the USA, you can get the two that are possibly my favourites! They are both 7×7 inches and one says ‘oh the places we’ve been’ while the other says ‘been there done that’. They are both priced at $23.45 and the first one is perfect for dropping in all your tickets for places you’ve been together. NAWWWW.

Keep all the proof of your adventures with this memory box that's perfect for storing all the keepsakes from your travels together.


Personalised world map

Because a normal world map is so yesterday, amirite? There are a whole host of cutesy personalisable maps out there (well hello Etsy), so you’re sorted whether you want a map to add pushpins to or whether you are a scratch map type of human.

Some are indeed mushier than others, so I have attempted to vaguely include some of the mildly less mushy options as well.

Check out this ‘adventure awaits’ pushpin map that can be customised with your names (cute) and the date or year you started dating (nawwwwww). The phrase can also be changed to ‘love is the greatest adventure’ (ergh), ‘wanderlust’, ‘our travels’, ‘you + me against the world’ (blech), ‘oh, the places we’ll go’ and a whole bunch of other disgustingly cute phrases (I swear I’m not judging. At all. I’M NOT). You can also change it to your own quote if you so desire. This map costs $76/£58 for a black/gold/grey/white frame and $80/£61 for a natural wood frame – it’s not a budget Valentine’s Day gift but it’s definitely cute and personal! It’s also entirely handmade, which means you get the self-satisfaction of helping a small business too. Hurrah!

A great Valentine's day gift for travellers is this 'adventure awaits' burlap push pin map that can be personalised with your names.


If you think your SO would prefer a scratch map (that even enables you to scratch off the individual US states, Canadian provinces and also Australian states and territories) then this one is PERFECT and comes in at less than $40!. You can personalise it with his/her name so it’s for their travels only or you can be extra adorable and have it customised to say something like ‘OUR adventures’ or something even worse cuter like ‘life is a journey best travelled together’ or ‘love knows no distance’ or even ‘you are my greatest adventure’. Yes, really. With customisation, this scratch map costs from $36/£28 so it’s pretty affordable as well.

A perfect gift for travel lovers is this scratch map that can be personalised and also means you can scratch off individual US states, Canadian provinces and Australian territories.


Matching passport covers

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like buying personalised AND matching passport covers. Right? It also eliminates the ‘oh damn which passport is which’ if one of you tends to carry both passports.

Once again, there are levels of disgustingly adorable for these. As in, from mildly mushy and cute to slight cringe level. You have been warned.

These personalised passport covers are pretty tasteful and sweet and come in a variety of colours. You can also choose a different design but, in all honesty, this one is probably my favourite. Depending on the colour ordered, the lettering is done in black, silver or gold and I do love the ‘rustic’ colour with lettering in gold! Scroll down the page to see the excellent 5-star reviews and photos of what people received – so beautiful! There is also a customisation option for including lettering on the inside cover, such as ‘Travelling together since (date)’ or ‘and so the adventure begins’. Bear in mind that the listing is for ONE passport only so for matching ones you need to purchase TWO. They start at $21 for lettering on the cover only and $27 for lettering on the cover and the inside. Unfortunately, they only ship to the USA and Canada (which is super sad because I kinda want one… but also great because my bank account says no).

PS: These would also make the PERFECT gift for a recently married couple or a couple heading off on their honeymoon!

A perfect Valentine's Day gift for travel lovers is these personalised passport covers with a world map, travel quotes and names.


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If you’re married, these subtle map design ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ passport covers are super cute (and you can request two Mrs or two Mr covers as well). They’re not mega in your face and they’re also wonderfully affordable and ship to most countries. They only cost $12.50 which is so good for two passport covers so you can be cute and also pretty darn budget. Who’d have thunk it?

This affordable Valentine's Day present is a great gift for a married couple and doesn't break the bank either.


This super cute passport cover comes in three designs (maybe DON’T go for the ‘catch flights, not feelings’ one, that might be awkward…) and can be personalised either with your names or with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. I do rather like the ‘and so the adventure begins’ design (if anyone fancies sending this article to my boyfriend with the email title HINT, that would be great) and the passport cover also comes in three colours and a variety of different lettering options. Plus it comes with a matching luggage tag! Perfect. For one passport and luggage tag, the cost is £15 so for the pair it’s £30. Not too shabby.

Be super adorable and buy matching passport covers this Valentine's Day! This is a great unique travel gift and is practical too.


If you enjoy the whole ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ type thing going on, these matching passports can be personalised with your names (or anything else you want, really). The world map in a chrome-like style is pretty eye-catching and there’s a little elastic on the inside to keep your passport super snug and safe. Just like your partner makes you feel. Oh yes, I went there. This matching pair costs £22.50 and £4 for delivery – be aware that they take 6-10 days to make so it’s not a good option if you’ve been leaving this a little last minute… (PS: You can also get two blue or two pink passports)

These eye-catching passport covers are ideal for travel couples! This Valentine's Day gift features a chrome world map across the front and back covers of the passports which you can get in blue or pink. They can be personalised with 'Mr' and 'Mrs' or with your names.


Personalised luggage tags

If you really wanted to go all out, you could even get matching passport covers AND luggage tags. I KNOW. The cuteness!

There are so many pretty luggage tags that are totally personalisable which make great gifts. And, once again, they go from ‘pretty cute’ to ‘OTT cringe-worthy’. It’s up to you, friends.

These matching luggage tags are perfect for the pair that want to declare their love for each other, even at baggage reclaim. You can have ‘NAME ♥ NAME’ with ‘travelling together since [date]’ underneath. What a cute way to make sure you don’t forget your anniversary. Or your name. This pair of personalisable luggage tags starts at £23/$30.

If you're looking for a super romantic travel gift then these matching personalised luggage tags are just the ticket.

If you’re looking for something a little less mushy, this personalised luggage tag is much more subtle (yet still cute) with a travel quote and both your initials. It starts at £13/$17 for one personalised luggage tag. The same company also makes a bunch of other cute personalisable luggage tags with various travel quotes (and varying levels of mush) so it’s a great place to start looking!

Personalised luggage tags make a great unique travel gift! These ones have a travel quote and can include your initials as well.


Another company making beautiful personalisable luggage tags is this Etsy store – I think the ‘I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list’ (design #24) and ‘get lost in the right direction’ (design #13) designs are super cute and not even too mushy. Win! They also come in a variety of colours and aren’t that expensive either, starting at £9.60/$13 per luggage tag. Check out all the design and colour options here and get bae something super cute that doesn’t break the bank!

If you're looking for affordable valentine's day gift ideas for travel lovers, then this personalised luggage tag with a travel quote is a great gift.


Personalised love story wall art

Right, back to the real mushy stuff again. I know you missed it really, right??

This cute AF piece of wall art shows your entire adorable love story for all (or well, anyone who comes to your home) to see. It includes names (of course) and can include a variety of other information, such as anniversary, children’s birth dates, favourite food places, where you first met, where your first date was and lots more. My favourite thing about this is the map that shows where you’ve been to together – how cute, huh? If you’re already in love with this wall art, it starts at $32/£24 for the digital download (printing yourself), $42/£32 for a print and $78/£60 for a canvas. Take a look and decided what adorable information you want to display!

Declare your love for all to see with this love story wall art that tells everyone that sees it all the details of your love story. Nawwww.


Long-distance relationship wall art

Not everyone has the privilege of living close (or with) their beloved, so if you’re part of the long-distance relationship club then this wall art would make a super sweet declaration of love despite the distance.

It even declares ‘two hearts, one love’ in big letters at the top, in case bae needed a reminder that your love is mutual. The maps with little hearts showing the locations are pretty cute, and I’d totally do this if Gibraltar wasn’t so darn small that the heart would obliterate the map (#ourloveistoomuchforgibraltar or something, IDK). Also if I wasn’t constantly in Gibraltar anyway… but nevertheless. Back to YOU guys.

This beautiful long-distance relationship wall art starts at $21/£16 for a digital download (perfect for being able to each get it printed and framed in your respective locations), $30/£23 for a print and $68/£52 for a canvas print.

A Valentine's gift for long distance relationships has to be this super cute print for your wall showing a map of each of your home locations

This vintage-style long-distance wall art is also pretty adorable and you can personalise the text so it says ‘the love between NAME & NAME knows no distance’ (although it does indeed make a cute gift if you live far away from your grandparents/parents etc). I do love the vintage maps they use to fill in the map shapes, so it’s perfect if your significant other is a fan of the more vintage styles. It is a bit more expensive and (obviously) only comes as a print – it starts at $56/£43 for an unframed print.

This long distance relationship gift can be personalised with your home locations using vintage maps.


Less mushy (yet still personal) Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts

Scratch maps and pushpin maps

I included a scratch map and a pushpin map in the ‘extra mushy’ section, but I also wanted to include some slightly more unique maps that are excellent if your other half is particularly into national parks, beer/wine/whisky/gin or even just other slightly more niche destinations than ‘world travel’. These make a perfect gift for someone as you can choose the perfect ‘niche’ map! Here are some of my favourites available online:

USA scratch maps

Food and drink scratch maps and scratch posters

A unique travel gift for Valentine's Day is this fun scratch map with different food you can try in Europe!


Travel fund jar

This is a great gift for a travel-loving Valentine! Bonus points if you fill it with money but, you know, up to you.

This personalised travel fund jar on Etsy is perfect for putting in all your loose change and saving up f0r adventures in. You can customise it in various ways – it says ADVENTURE FUND so you can add bae’s name, both your names or any other version you wish, which can be in black, white or gold lettering. This adventure fund is a one-gallon jar so fits a lot of money in! You can even start adding everything smaller than a certain coin in (I often do this with everything smaller than 50p – you can do this with everything smaller than a dollar or 50 cents etc) and then you’re already a small way to your next adventure together. The jar costs £28/$36 and you can check out the creator’s Etsy store here!

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An adventure fund jar is a great Valentine's Day gift for travel lovers as they can save all their spare change for upcoming trips! This jar can be personalised with their name.

If you want a different style of adventure fund, this saving box with a map background is perfect for that. It’s just as personalisable as the jar and is more compact at 8″ x 8 “. It’s a little more expensive than the jar at £42/$55 but I’m sure bae is worth it, right? Alternatively, you can buy the cheaper option and chuck a tenner (or 20 bucks if you’re in the USA) in for good measure.

An adventure fund box is also a great gift for travel lovers who want to save some money for their next trips.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option (after all, you ARE going to be using it to save money) then these less personalisable but still cute options are perfect. My favourites for saving a bit of money are the following:


Destination mug/coffee cup

If your SO has a particular love for a certain destination (or you met in a certain city or something similarly sweet) and also loves tea or coffee, a destination themed mug or coffee cup is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

This Etsy store makes personalised map mugs which include a map of the country in a colour of your choosing and the ability to add someone’s name underneath. They offer countries from Australia to Greenland, Kazakhstan to Haiti and so on, as well as US states too. The mugs start at $24/£18 for an 11oz mug and $27/£21 for a 15oz mug.

If bae is a coffee drinker, get him or her a personalised destination mug with a map of their home country or favourite country with their name underneath. The perfect personal Valentine's Day gift!

Alternatively, this Etsy store makes travel mugs with location words on them and words relating to that destination all over the mug. They’re pretty quirky and great if you want to hark back to a previous destination (where you met, your honeymoon etc) or to their hometown if they are living elsewhere now. You can either use the destinations they have pre-made (e.g. Raleigh (NC), Chicago etc) or you can design your own. The tumblers cost $25/£19 which is a pretty good price for a personalised travel mug! They can be made as a mug, a travel mug or as a stainless steel tumbler.

A perfect Valentine's Day gift for travel lovers is this unique travel mug with a city in the middle and surrounded by words about it.


Map wall art

Another cute but not too mushy gift is one of these wall art pieces. They are really unique and you can personalise them as you wish and choose the location you want to highlight.

For example, this ‘where it began’ map print can be used to show where you met or where you had your first date – super cute, right? You can change the text to reflect the location, such as if you want to show where you/they proposed, where you got married, where you had your honeymoon, the location of your first home etc. The prints start at $31/£24 including full personalisation.

A romantic travel gift is this personalised map wall art to commemorate a destination of your choice, such as where you met or where you had your first date.


Airport code wall art

Don’t want to be as mushy as getting a map in the shape of a heart? I personally love these airport code prints, perfect for framing a destination but without being too sappy (apologies to anyone of a sappy nature reading this).

These airport code prints from Fy are perfect with their minimalist design – you can get a variety of different styles such as this minimal print with just the code and airport name, this airport layout print and this print with the airport code, elevation and tower frequencies which is perfect for any aviation geek! A4 prints start at $20 for an unframed print and $52 for a framed print. Fy also offers free shipping worldwide so no unexpected extra charges!

This minimal wall art with an airport code is a unique travel gift perfect for your travel loving partner. Use an airport with a personal meaning such as their home airport or their favourite destination.


Airport code pillow/cushion

If you’re looking for comfort rather than decoration for your wall, an airport code cushion is the perfect home accessory. These vintage baggage tag style airport code cushions are really unique and would make a great addition to a sofa or your bed! They do take 1-2 weeks to make and ship so make sure to order early enough, though. The cushions are priced at $39/£30 and make a great unique travel gift.

A cosy Valentine's gift idea is this vintage bag tag style cushion featuring an airport code and the name of the city. The perfect Valentine's gift idea for travel lovers!

An alternative option for those with a more minimalist style are these black and white airport code cushions which only have the code and the city name underneath on them. They start at $24 for the cover only and $32 for the cover and insert.



Portable airport code gifts

Still wanting something with an airport code but not convinced by wall art or a cushion? For something more portable, try a charm, keychain or tote bag. It’s a great way of carrying your home airport with you (or so bae doesn’t forget the airport code to look for flights to).

These beautiful airport code charms are perfect to be used as a pendant for a necklace – they come in a variety of colours and the letters can be done in silver or gold. Just type in the three-letter code for your desired airport and it’s done! The charms start at $12 for a small charm (3/4 “), $14 for medium (1″ diameter) and $16 for large (1 1/4”).

If your loved one loves a pendant, these airport code charms can be personalised with any airport around the world and made in a colour they love.

If you want a charm that fits perfectly on a PANDORA bracelet (or other similar ones like Chamilia or Carlo Biagi etc), these airport code charms are super cute. They cost $10 and have a variety of different airport codes so just search for the one (or ones) you want. Want to decorate a bracelet with charms of the places you’ve been together? Buy the bracelet from PANDORA here and then purchase the beads you need!

For a bracelet charm with travel inspiration, these airport code bracelet charms are just the ticket. They fit on charm bracelets like the ones you can get from PANDORA and come with airport codes from around the world.

For the most unique tote bag, this Etsy store makes vintage-inspired airport code totes! What better way to carry your groceries or your souvenirs? These tote bags start at $39/£29.50 and if you can’t find the airport you want, they will design you the one you need for no extra charge.

Everyone has to carry stuff so these vintage baggage tag style tote bags are a perfect gift for a travel lover.

A unique addition to your keys is this airport code keychain, available with gold or silver lettering on a background colour of your choosing from the selection offered. A mini keychain costs $28 and the standard costs $34.

A unique gift for a travel lover is this keyring with an airport code on. Personalise it with their home airport, the airport code of their favourite destination or maybe even the next destination you're going to take them to.


36 Hours In…

If your beloved is a reader and loves finding inspiration for new destinations, the 36 hours in books are one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travel lovers. Published by the New York Times, these books contain more than 4,000 hours of itineraries for destinations around the world, as well as recommendations for food, drink and accommodation.

The top books available in this series are:

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for bookworms who love to travel - the 36 hours in series from the New York Times is a great way to get travel inspiration


Travel journal

And last but not least for the writers – these travel journals are perfect for documenting your trips together around the globe! Surprise your partner even more by writing a sweet message at the start of the journal or adding little love notes on random pages for them to find as they fill out the book.

This awesome scratch travel journal combines a trip planner, packing list, scratch map and journal all in one neat little package! It’s basically the ultimate travel journal all bundled up for a pretty sweet £19 or $25. I’ve seen a lot of travel journals in my time and this is probably the most unique one I’ve seen. 10/10 to Luckies of London for this one!

PS: For those in the UK, this journal is available at a cheaper price (£13.61) and in more colours on Amazon (and has Prime delivery!). 

A unique gift for someone who loves to travel is this travel journal that combines a scratch map, planner, packing list and a journal too.

Other excellent travel journals include Moleskine’s travel journals:


A great journal for lots of writing about your travels (with fewer sections for planning/budgeting/packing) as well as storage space for tickets and small mementoes, the ‘My Travel Journal’ by Suck UK is absolutely ideal. It’s hardcover so won’t get easily damaged in a bag and also comes packaged in a hard sleeve. The journal is pretty affordable at £16 and makes a great gift to document your future travels together!



If you’ve got this far and still haven’t found an ideal gift (or sufficient inspiration) for bae then head to Etsy and search ‘travel gift’ and scroll through the thousands of options that appear. Other than that, I have no more advice, my friend.

Happy shopping and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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This is the ultimate list of Valentine's day gifts for travel lovers! Find the perfect Valentine's day gift for him here or a unique travel gift for your sweetheart - there are so many Valentine's Day gift ideas for travelers that you're sure to find the perfect gift here.

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    My gf and I love travelling, specially when going to ski every winter season. These are all such helpful ideas, the travel journal and the scrapbook were my favorites. The travel fund jar is also a nice gift that can be shared by both.

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    Such cute product ideas! I think I need to send this post to my husband as a “hint hint” 🙂

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    I love all of these ideas! My boyfriend and I were talking about a way to keep the memories of our trips together. With so many cute ideas now I don’t know which one to chose!

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    Cuuuuute stuff! I love the memory shadow boxes.


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