If you're looking for an all inclusive resort to relax in Morocco then don't miss ROBINSON Club Agadir. One of the best things to do in Agadir is to chill at the beach or pool and relax, as well as day trips from Agadir and you can even learn to surf in Agadir as well. Don't miss this luxury hotel resort when you visit Agadir!

After my first trip to Morocco, I knew I wanted to go back. However, Morocco is not necessarily the most stress-free holiday destination due to a few aspects (like constantly trying not to be sold to in the souk) so I definitely wanted to see part of Morocco in a much more relaxing way.

When I heard about the opportunity to relax at Agadir’s Robinson Club – one of the best examples of all inclusive in Agadir – I jumped at it. This would be the perfect way to see an area of Morocco I hadn’t yet been to and to be in Morocco but relax at the same time.

This was actually my first ever all-inclusive resort experience and I thought I might get bored of being in one place… but it absolutely surpassed all my expectations. Read on to find out exactly why you should do Agadir all inclusive and all the reasons to stay at ROBINSON Club Agadir!

Disclosure: I travelled to Agadir as part of a paid campaign with ROBINSON. All opinions are, as always, my own. There may also be some affiliate links within my content that help me to keep this blog running at no cost to you.

What is ROBINSON Club?

ROBINSON clubs are located around the world and offer a superb resort holiday. The company is based in Germany and originally catered mostly just for a German-speaking market but in recent years have really opened up for non-Germans, especially in the peak summer months. ROBINSON has a total of 26 resorts in 12 different countries (across three continents) so you definitely aren’t short of locations to choose from. They also have a brand new resort opening in December 2019 in Cape Verde, their most westerly resort so far.

Each club is unique – they have their own style, they cater to different travellers and they offer activities personalised to the club and the location. Some of their clubs are a ‘for everyone’ style – there are no minimum ages and families are welcome, as are couples, groups and singles – while others are specifically family resorts or ‘adult-only’ resorts.

A top Agadir all inclusive resort is the beautiful ROBINSON Club Agadir. The outdoors pool is overlooked by palm trees which cast a shadow over the pool during midday light.


What does ROBINSON Club Agadir offer?

ROBINSON Club Agadir is a club that welcomes every kind of traveller. Whether you are very active and want to go out and explore nearby Tagazhout or you want to learn to surf, this is completely possible. If you just want to lie back and relax, then the two pools and the beach are ideal.

While being a family resort (and let’s just say… I’m not the biggest fan of family resorts at all), it was the perfect location for a couple’s getaway. There is an adults-only pool if you want to avoid anyone under 16 and, of course, late-night events cater for the over 18s as well.

If you are looking for a family-friendly resort, Agadir also offers this. The kids’ club is excellent (and I say this as someone in their mid-20s) and looked to have lots of great options to keep the younger ones entertained and amused. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Kinder Disco’ (Children’s Disco) parade that came through the restaurant on certain nights – this was absolutely adorable.

It’s very difficult for a resort to cater to multiple nationalities as well as multiple traveller styles, but I felt that ROBINSON Club Agadir really did excel with having a great balance of activities and enjoyment for everyone. I will talk more later about the adults-only facilities available, which are perfect for single, couple or groups of adults travelling.


Facilities at ROBINSON Club Agadir

I will go further in-depth to all the various facilities later on as well as activities available, but here is a quick overview of what you can expect to find at ROBINSON Agadir.

They have two different restaurants, including the Hauptrestaurant/main restaurant and the beach restaurant, Le Taj. Breakfast runs from 7am-11am at the main restaurant, lunch from 12:30pm until 3pm, afternoon tea at the Palace Bar from 4pm-5pm and then dinner at the main restaurant from 7:30pm-9:30pm.

There are five bars around the resort, including the aforementioned Palace Bar as well as the beach bar, Sports Bar, Cafe Maure (Moroccan cafe and bar) and NITE CLUB (the night club, shockingly).

ROBINSON Agadir also has three swimming pools (more if you consider the outdoor pools as separate ones). There is the ‘main pool’, effectively made up of three different pools, the indoor pool (which is adults only) and the baby pool, which is a perfect pool for younger children.

The resort has a spa including a hammam and you can also find a sauna (one that’s a naked/nude sauna and one where you should be in swimwear) as well. There is also a fully equipped gym and regular fitness classes on offer.

You can hire surfboards by the hour or, if you’re a beginner, you can take lessons. The resort also has facilities for playing tennis and golf.

ROBINSON Agadir has a private beach which is a beautiful place to see sunset.


What activities can you do at ROBINSON Agadir?

There are so many activities on offer at ROBINSON Agadir from quiz nights to casino (no spend) nights. There is a theatre where you can see shows such as Jersey Boys and staff organise mini-tournaments for sports like beach volleyball.

Head to the sections below to find more details about all the activities on offer – there is so much to do!


What time of year should you visit?

Pretty much all year round! Agadir has warm temperatures all year round so is perfect for summer or for winter sun. Obviously the resort is busiest during peak months while schools are on holiday so for a more peaceful break, avoid July and August as this is when the resort will be most busy with families.

The coolest months are December, January and February when temperatures drop to around 14 and 15 degrees Celsius. The rainiest month is February and November can get some showers as well. If you’re looking to go surfing then the best months are between June and October with sea temperatures of over 23 degrees Celsius.

If you’re looking for great temperatures, good weather for surfing and avoiding the peak season rush then the best months are June, September and October. November to May are also good months to visit with pleasantly warm weather, although if you plan on surfing or want to swim in the sea then these months will be a little chilly for that.

Agadir weather in November is still warm enough to relax by the outdoor pool and even to go down to the beach!


How much does it cost to stay at ROBINSON Agadir?

A five-night stay at ROBINSON Agadir starts at only £720 for 2 adults sharing a double room – only £360 per person! This includes the ROBINSON all-inclusive offering with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner included as well as all soft drinks and ‘basic’ alcoholic drinks (e.g. house wine, selected cocktails and mixers). This makes it a total of £72 per person per night to stay at a 5* resort with all your food and drink included, plus access to multiple pools, an excellently equipped gym, fitness classes and lots of leisure activities as well!

A seven-night stay starts at £1,022 or £511 per person. For peak months such as July and August, a five-night stay starts at £978 (end of August) and £1,094 (mid-July and August) and a seven-night stay starts at £1,369 (end of August) and £1,532 (mid-July and August).

Cost of a stay for singles, couples and families

It’s very easy to check prices for your stay on the ROBINSON website, but here is a quick comparison of prices for a five-night stay for various months and for single travellers, couples and families alike.

For families, you are only charged for a child aged over 5 years old. If your child is five years old or younger then you pay the same price for one or two adults, whichever is relevant. If you are travelling with two children and one is six years or older and the other is younger than six years old, you will only pay for one child, assuming they are sharing a room with you.

MonthSingle (one adult) price from...Couple (two adults) price from...Family (two adults and one child) from...Family (two adults and two children) from...

There is so much to do at ROBINSON Club Agadir Morocco! The grounds of the resort are beautiful, with cacti and plant filled areas and Moroccan style architecture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is ROBINSON just for Germans?

Definitely not! ROBINSON Club is for everyone, regardless of nationality or language spoken. There were a few events at ROBINSON Club Agadir that were only (or predominantly) in German, such as one of the quizzes but the app and daily schedule specified that this would be in German only.

Many of the staff speak English as well, and almost every single staff member speaks French and Arabic. While I speak German, my boyfriend doesn’t and we found there were absolutely no problems at all. He spoke to staff in English and I spoke either in German or French (occasionally English if I was feeling a bit lazy… oops).

During the casino night, the ‘dealer’ at our table said the numbers in German to everyone but in English to my boyfriend when he was playing, since he had met us previously and knew that he spoke no German. The fact he remembered was really impressive and very appreciated.

ROBINSON Club is definitely not just for Germans or German speakers – you will feel thoroughly welcomed whichever language you speak.


Is all-inclusive worth it?

This was my biggest wonder before we went to ROBINSON Club Agadir. Was all-inclusive REALLY worth it? Would we just get bored? The answer surprised me.

I can’t answer for any other all-inclusive properties around the world (and I’ve heard from other travellers that some all-inclusive resorts don’t serve the best food or that they water down the alcohol) but I really fell in love with ROBINSON and their concept.

For a couple travelling together, the price starts at £720 for a five-night stay. This works out at £72 per person per night. This includes three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as afternoon tea, drinks throughout the day as you wish, your accommodation, pool access, beach access, beach and pool towels as well as all the general activities during your stay (quizzes, theatre nights, casino nights, table tennis, use of the gym, fitness classes, etc).

For a stay in a 5* hotel, £144 per night is not a bad rate at all. Other 5* properties in Agadir cost £60-120 per night on a room only or B&B basis.

I absolutely loved the food at ROBINSON Agadir as it was seriously excellent – I was so impressed. I was also particularly impressed with the wine, as the white and rose wines I enjoyed were excellent quality. If you don’t want house wine, then they offer different wine for a surcharge although they do daily deals for a ‘wine of the day’ as well.

If you want five days of relaxing and don’t want to explore the city of Agadir or do any activities like surfing, you could spend absolutely nothing extra for your entire stay. There is so much to do at the resort (and it takes you enough time to discover all the different areas as well!) that even someone like me who gets easily bored with staying in one place didn’t feel bored at all.

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If you are a more active person and want to do lots of day trips to different places and want to go to different places for food each day, then it’s possible that ROBINSON and their all-inclusive offering is not for you. We spent one day exploring Agadir itself (only 10 minutes away by taxi) and felt that was sufficient for the city, although we would have loved more time to go further afield to places like Taghazout or Essaouira. I didn’t get bored at all staying at the resort and actually really appreciated being able to relax and just chill out without feeling like I was missing too much since, usually, I try to do EVERYTHING.

I definitely think that the all-inclusive offering at ROBINSON Club Agadir was worth it and I would highly recommend it, even if you’re not sure that all-inclusive is for you. It may surprise you!

If you want to see more of Agadir city then taker a taxi down to Agadir marina to explore the marina area and the beach. The beach is golden sand and many people go to relax in the sun, play ball games on the sand or take a walk along the beach at sunset.


Getting to the club

Flights to Agadir

The nearest airport to ROBINSON Club Agadir is, shockingly, Agadir (AGA). You can fly to Agadir direct from many capital cities, including London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Helsinki as well as other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich, Gran Canaria, Geneva, Basel and Milan.

You can also fly directly to Agadir from other cities in Morocco such as Fes, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat as well as Laayoune and Dakhla in the Moroccan controlled part of the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

It is also possible to get to Agadir from Marrakech by transfer (which takes around 2.5 – 3 hours) if your city offers direct flights to Marrakech and not to Agadir.


Things to know about Agadir Airport

If you need to change money into Moroccan dirham, you will only be able to do this once in Morocco as it is a closed currency, meaning you can’t exchange it before you travel. Remember this if you still have dirham and want to exchange it before you leave – you need to exchange back to your own currency before leaving Morocco!

When you first arrive at Agadir Airport, you will find somewhere that you can purchase a local SIM card as well as a few money exchange places. This is by the baggage collection and there are also ATMs once you are in the arrivals/departures area.

If you wish to purchase a local SIM card on arrival, for some reason you can only do this by baggage reclaim. You need to have either €10, £10 or 100 Moroccan dirham in cash on you for this. I recommend having €10 in cash on you for this unless you already have 100 MAD in cash.

You can exchange money from many currencies into dirham (MAD) at the bureau de change, which gets pretty crazy when a flight comes in. If you exchange money to more than 1,000 dirhams (approximately €95 or £80), then they will tell you they will put the money on a prepaid card that you can use around Morocco. TRY TO DECLINE THIS. It’s really quite annoying in all honesty as they try and fob every single tourist off with one of these cards. I would recommend exchanging less (you do pay a slight amount of commission when you exchange – they say the commission is 0% but the exchange rate is a lot poorer than it should be so I ended up paying around £22 for getting £16 worth of dirham).

How to get to Agadir from Agadir airport? It's pretty simple! You can either book a pre-arrived transfer with your all inclusive Agadir resort or you can opt to take a taxi. One of the best things to do in Agadir is to visit the mosque, with an impressive facade with an imposing door.


Getting to the club from Agadir Airport

A transfer from Agadir airport is simple and can be requested. It takes around 35 minutes, although it can be quicker or slower depending on traffic and the time of day.

ROBINSON offer a private transfer service with an external company that you can book through them. The price is included on your room bill and is payable on check out. The prices are as follows:

Day transfer: transfer time between 07:00 – 18:59 
up to 3 people: 285 MAD (approx. £23 or €30)
4 to 7 people: 465 MAD (approx. £37 or €44)

Night transfer: transfer time between 19:00 – 06:59
up to 3 people: 375 MAD (approx. £30 or €35)
4 bis 7 people: 595 MAD (approx. £48 or €56)


Getting to and from Agadir city

ROBINSON Club Agadir is within an easy distance to the city of Agadir as it only takes 10 minutes by taxi. You can either ask reception to call a taxi for you or you can walk down to the Sofitel (maximum 5 minutes walk) and catch one of the peach-coloured city cabs that you will spot on the road there. There are usually a fair few waiting as they know that people from the resorts (as well as employees) need to get to and from the city.


Taking a taxi in Agadir

Getting a taxi into the city is pretty simple, although there are a few simple ways to make sure you don’t get ripped off. This works the same as when you want to get around in Agadir or when you need to get a taxi back to the resort.

Here is a multi-step approach to get a good price for the taxi:

  • Greet them ‘salaam alaykum’
  • Then ask ‘bch-hal’ (how much) or ‘combien’? You’ll get a much better price if you start in Arabic or French.
  • The price you want to hear is ‘vingt’ (20) – if they say ‘trente’ ‘quarante’ or any higher (‘cinquante’? Ridicule!) then negotiate down. Basically say ‘vingt’ until they agree or drive away, although if they negotiate down from something ridiculous like cinquante (50) or quarante (40) to 30 dirham (trente) then I would accept this.
  • Always confirm the price (or have them use the taxi meter, although most of them won’t do this) before you get in the taxi so you don’t get ripped off once you get to your destination

Agadir Morocco has so many things to do! One of the top things to do in Agadir city is to visit the marina - it's particularly beautiful at sunset with all the boats in the harbour and the harbourside shops and restaurants in the background.



One of my favourite things about the resort was their app. The app is available on iOS, Android and for web browser and makes seeing the daily schedule and booking massages or day trips really simple.

The app gives you a full breakdown of all the activities on during the day and for the next few days as well so you can easily plan your time.

It also shows you the menu/brochure for the spa, as well as same-day deals available for treatments. You can also book personal training sessions through the app as well as babysitting, airport transfers, excursions and more.


Rooms at ROBINSON Agadir

There are a variety of different rooms available at ROBINSON Agadir, including single, double and family rooms as well as the larger junior suites.

Single rooms are also classed as ‘single parent’ rooms, as they are ideal for one adult and one child or one adult and two children travelling together as there is a double bed made up of two single beds as well as a sofa that converts into a sofa bed. All single rooms have a balcony or terrace.

Double rooms have four different options: double room standard, double room seaside, double room sea view and economy double room. The differences in these rooms are entirely based around their location and view as, otherwise, all double rooms are the same size. Each double room also has a terrace or balcony.

Family rooms consist of two double rooms with a connecting door between them. This means that a family room has a total of two double beds and two sofa beds, so can sleep up to six people as well as one infant (0-1 years) in a crib.

The Junior Suite option is ideal for those who want more space, as well as a separate seating area. All suites have a balcony with a seaside view and are made up of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room separated from the bedroom with a sliding door. The suites can accommodate two adults and one child as there is space for a single put-up bed.

The rooms at ROBINSON Club Morocco are wonderful as the beds are so comfy and you have lots of space. The room is decorated in a Moroccan style and the headboard is arched and is a pleasant turquoise colour. All the beds are double beds and each double bed has separate duvets so it's perfect when you're sharing and one of you is a duvet-stealer!

Our double room at ROBINSON Club Agadir. Separate duvets are perfect when one of you (aka me) is a duvet-stealer…


Food and drink at ROBINSON Agadir

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

As mentioned previously, there are two restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Main Restaurant (Hauptrestaurant) serves a delicious buffet breakfast from 7am until 11am including a wide range of meats, cheeses, pastries and lots more. Also included are tea and coffee, including speciality coffees like a latte or cappuccino.

For lunch, the beach restaurant ‘Le Taj’ serves from 12:30pm until 3pm. I particularly enjoyed the three tagines they had on offer every day, which changed almost every day. You had the ‘classic’ chicken tagine and also lamb or beef tagine, as well as less common ones like zucchini tagine, cauliflower tagine or even vermicelli noodle tagine! There was also always freshly grilled fish on offer, as well as pizza, pasta and other delicious offerings that changed each day such as hot dogs, tacos, schnitzel, vegetable stir fry and so much more. You can also enjoy house wine and beer as well as soft drinks, which are all included.

The food at ROBINSON Agadir is amazing! Whichever meal of the day it is, you are treated to delicious food of a huge variety. The dessert buffets are always impressive - sometimes you might find mini cupcakes topped with frosting and little white chocolate swirls. Delicious!

At all mealtimes, you can find the ‘WellFood‘ options as well, which are healthy options that also vary day to day. They always have details on their calorie and macronutrients content and, generally, these options are low-fat and low-carb as well as high in protein.

Dinner is also served at the Main Restaurant from 7:30pm until 9:30pm and is a buffet as well. There is a specific area of the restaurant that is adults only, which is perfect if you want a little peace and quiet away from the younger ones. The variety of food on offer is extensive and changes daily so there’s always something new to try! Some nights are themed, such as a ‘street food’ evening or ‘1001 Nights’, with Moroccan and Arabian cuisine. House wines and beers are also included with your dinner, as well as soft drinks and coffee and tea.

One of the Moroccan foods you have to try is tagine - this stew like dish is cooked in a pot also called a tagine, which has a conical top with a chimney-like part at the top where the steam escapes from when you cook it.


Afternoon tea & 5-course meals

When you’re not at one of the mealtimes, there are still delicious options to be had! From 4-5pm, the Palace Bar has a ‘sweet treat’, which is essentially an afternoon tea with lots of yummy little cakes. I definitely ate way too many of them!

You can enjoy a house wine with them as well or maybe a coffee or tea.

My other favourite spot for a pleasant hot drink had to be Cafe Maure, where you can have a cup of traditional Moroccan mint tea. It’s a wonderful way to experience a taste of Morocco and mint tea is definitely one thing they do excellently.

Cafe Maure is also the location of the 5-course dinners, which are not included in the all-inclusive rate. If you want to experience this lavish meal then you can book in advance on the ROBINSON app or speak to Reception. They also offer a Moroccan cooking course (surcharge applies) and it’s the one café in the club where you can smoke shisha.

The afternoon tea at ROBINSON Club Agadir is wonderful and you can try lots of little cakes and pastries, depending on the day's selection. The mini cupcakes are always a hit, as are the bitesize brownies and other cakes.


Bars & night club

There are a total of three bars at ROBINSON Club Agadir but, if you count Cafe Maure and the night club, there are five places you can enjoy a good drink.

If you want to enjoy a nice cocktail down by the beach, then head down to the Beach Bar (open until 6pm). If you want to go straight from dinner to a gin and tonic in only a few steps, then the Palace Bar is right next to the main restaurant and stays open until 1am.

The Sports Bar is ideal for a refreshing beer or a non-alcoholic beverage after a game of tennis and Cafe Maure (open until 1am) is a great spot to watch the sunset from with a mint tea or glass of wine.

There is also an on-site night club (‘NITE CLUB’) which is open on certain nights and usually gets pleasantly busy (for a good atmosphere but not too crowded) after the theatre night! In all honesty, it’s worth going just to experience a club where you’re not paying a ridiculous amount for drinks (and are generally getting your drinks for free – yay all-inclusive)!

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Yes, the ROBINSON Club in Morocco even has a night club! They have some very cool wall art on the walls as you walk down the stairs to the club, showing different images of people dancing, a DJ doing his set, a skull with rainbow wings and even a quote that says "the EARTH without ART is just EH".


Activities and relaxation

Pools & spa at ROBINSON Agadir

There are so many options for relaxation at ROBINSON Club Agadir and, I have to say, the indoor pool was easily my favourite. The indoor pool is for adults only (16+) so it’s beautifully peaceful and is usually pretty empty since most people are outdoors sunbathing by the main pool.

The indoor pool is a great spot if you don’t want to be in the sun or you just want to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. It’s also perfect for doing some lengths – the pool isn’t huge but it’s a good length and depth for swimming some lengths if you want to get in some aquatic exercise.

The indoor pool is located within the spa and wellness area, where you can also find the spa treatment rooms as well as the sauna and hammam. There are two saunas for guest use – one is a traditional sauna where nudity is required (to those not used to the German FKK, or Freikörperkultur, concept, this can be a little surprising at first) and one is for use in swimwear.

The indoor adults-only pool at the all inclusive ROBINSON resort in Agadir is a perfect place to relax and unwind. The impressive interior with a high ceiling and a dome means that it's very well lit. There are lots of loungers for lying back and reading a book and the pool is the perfect size for a few lengths or just to paddle about.

If you’re looking for a spa treatment, you can either book in advance or check on the app on the same day for up to 20% discounts on the full price with their ‘hot deals’.

There are two outdoor pools as well as many sun loungers and cabanas for chilling out at when you aren’t in the pool. One pool is smaller and mostly just for sitting around in rather than swimming, while the other large enough to swim around in.

There is also a small children’s pool for younger children – it’s very shallow so perfect for the little ones.

ROBINSON Club Agadir is the Agadir all inclusive resort with four pools, including two outdoor pools, one pool for children and an indoor adults-only pool. The outdoor pools are lined with palm trees and are surrounded by sun loungers and cabanas.


Staying fit at ROBINSON Agadir

While some people might just want to relax and eat a lot on holiday, others prefer to keep active and stay fit while travelling. Others, like me, aim to do all of the above and inevitably end up doing mostly just the relaxing and eating… but anyway.

ROBINSON Club Agadir has a fully equipped gym with a variety of equipment, including all your standard machines (treadmill, stationary bikes, cross-trainer, weights machines etc) as well as free weights and other equipment like exercise balls.

They also offer regular group fitness classes, such as pilates, yoga and spin class. You can sign up for these on the app and then get a reminder when it’s time for your class!


Beach & surfing

The beach at ROBINSON Club Agadir is a private beach for use by guests only. There is a lifeguard on duty and you can also find a beach bar that is open until 6pm.

Beach towels are available from reception so don’t forget to pick one up before you head down! There are lots of cabanas as well as sun loungers on the beach so there is lots of space for everyone.

Since Agadir’s weather in November isn’t super warm we decided not to swim in the sea and just swim in the pools instead – it might be 25 degrees still but we opted for the warmth of the indoor pool instead. I’d love to come and enjoy the beach in late summer and learn to surf!

Agadir beach is perfect to relax when at the resort. ROBINSON has a private beach for guest use only and there are loungers, cabanas, a beach bar and it's even possible to take surfing or body boarding lessons. They regularly have 'sundowners', or drinks at the beach during sunset where they bring out beautiful Moroccan rugs and cushions to sit on while you enjoy a cocktail and watch the incredible sunset.


Surfing in Agadir

Surfing in Agadir is very popular due to the quality of the waves. The beaches are sandy and there aren’t any rocks in this area that could cause any danger to swimmers or surfers. ROBINSON Club Agadir is an ideal location to learn to surf (if you are a beginner) or to improve and practice.

There are two options for surfing at the club: you can either take lessons or rent a surfboard by the hour. Surfing lessons have the following options:

  • 6 hours over 3-4 days: €85 for beginners and advanced (group lessons, 3-6 people per group)
  • 60-minute private lesson: €45

Surf lessons are available for those aged 10 and above. Those aged 10-13 are taught in children’s group classes and 14 and above are adult group classes. Surf lessons usually start each day at 11am.

Surfboard and bodyboard rental costs as follows:

  • €10 per hour surfboard rental
  • €5 per hour bodyboard rental


Golf, tennis and other sports

One of the main attractions about ROBINSON Agadir for many people is the golf offerings. Less than 20 minutes from the club are four golf courses as well as one 30-minutes away in Taghazout.

The golf courses are:

  • GOLF DU SOLEIL (10 minutes, 36-hole, preferred partner) – location of several international championships
  • LES DUNES (11 minutes, 27-hole)
  • ROYAL GOLF AGADIR (20 minutes, 9-hole)
  • GOLF DE L’OCÉAN AGADIR (12 minutes, 27-hole)

The ROBINSON golf academy also offers golf lessons for all abilities. Golf club hire and green fees can be booked on-site at ROBINSON Club and added to your room bill.

While I’ve never played golf and don’t have much interest in the sport, many guests while we were at the club were there predominantly for golf. Some of the golf courses have played host to several international championships and have facilities for beginners, intermediate golfers as well as advanced players.


ROBINSON Agadir also offers tennis to guests. You can take tennis courses to learn to play or to improve your game, as well as tennis court and racquet hire (free but requires advance booking) to play a game with family or friends.

Tennis courses start at €15 per person for one hour. The costs are as follows:

  • Group of 4: €15 per person per hour
  • Group of 3: €20 per person per hour
  • Group of 2: €25 per person per hour
  • Individual: €50 per hour

There are also longer-term courses (e.g. 4-day course with a certain amount of hours per day) on offer and you can enquire directly with ROBINSON to get more details about these. Each Friday at 10am you can join the tennis tournament as well to see how you perform against other guests of the club!


Other sports available at the club include football, beach volleyball, water polo, darts and boccia (similar to bowls or pétanque). There are regular friendly tournaments in these sports and you can also book the courts for your own sports sessions.


Leisure Activities

Just writing all this and I’m feeling tired! There really is so much to do at ROBINSON Club Agadir that you don’t have the time to get bored – if you don’t want to chill and relax then there is so much you can get involved in.

The ROBINSON staff host regular quizzes (some are German only – this will be specified in the programme, however) and there is also a theatre night where you can see a performance such as Jersey Boys, Agadir ROCKS or Africa United.

There are so many excellent evening activities such as the ‘sundowner‘ at the beach, where the beach bar opens late so you can enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset at the beach. There are also party and dance evenings where you can bring out those dancing shoes and one night there was a casino evening, which was incredibly fun.

The casino night at ROBINSON is really fun since there’s no money involved – each adult gets a certain amount of chips to start with and you can then choose to play blackjack or roulette with them. There are prices for the people who win the most chips in the evening and it’s a great chance to play if you haven’t played before! It’s also great because you don’t risk losing any money, which is a wonderful perk.

When you're at this all inclusive resort in Agadir then you're going to want some entertainment! ROBINSON Clubs put on performances, such as the Jersey Boys show we saw during our stay. There was singing and dancing on a set styled as a 1960s diner.


Kids Club

Obviously not a facility I have used, but the kids club at ROBINSON is available for children and young adults up to 17 years of age.

The ROBY kids club is open all day from 10 am – 6 pm & 7:30 pm – 9 pm (excluding Tuesday, which is the main arrival day) for Minis (3–6 years) and Maxis (7–12 years). ROBINSON also offer a swimming school for kids during the peak holidays.

There are organised activities for ROBS, or children aged 13-17.

Activities include quizzes, water Olympics in the pool, football, sand sculptures on the beach, ‘Kinderdisco’ (kids’ disco) and lots more.


Day trips from ROBINSON Club Agadir

Agadir is well placed for many awesome day trips. If you want to escape the resort for a while and go and explore some other areas of Morocco, there are lots of great day trips from Agadir!

You can book excursions at the club as part of ROBINSONADEN, including day trips to Essaouira, Marrakech, Taghazout, Taroudant, Imouzzer and also excursions into Agadir city itself. All prices listed below are per person.

Your options for day trips from Agadir include:

  • Essaouira is a port city on the coast and has a beautiful, traditional Moroccan feel. The old city (medina) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tours from Agadir are 975 MAD (€92) and leave at 7:30am, getting back at 6:30pm.
  • Marrakech is a big, beautiful, bustling city (not the capital!) and is guaranteed to overwhelm yet amaze your senses. The day trip from Agadir costs 1,520 MAD (€143) and leaves at 7:30am, getting back at 9pm.
  • Taghazout is a small fishing village 19km north of Agadir and is well known for its excellent surfing. The village is predominantly inhabited by Berbers and the other main income source comes from Argan oil production. ROBINSON Club Agadir can organise a day trip to Taghazout for surfing on request – just go to reception and ask!
  • Taroudant is a market town in the Sous Valley that is nicknamed the ‘Grandfather of Marrakech’ because it looks like a smaller Marrakech with its surrounding ramparts. You can visit a former royal palace and the two souks on the half day trip from Agadir – the trip costs 539 MAD (€50). It leaves at 8:30am and gets back at 2:30pm.
  • Imouzzer, or Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane, is a small Berber village that is best known for its beautiful waterfalls. It is located in Paradise Valley and the journey to Imouzzer is along steep mountainous roads. Not for the faint-hearted, this adventure requires a 4×4 and is part of the ROBINSONADEN ‘Active’ offering. This half day trip to Imouzzer costs 670 MAD (€63). You leave ROBINSON Agadir at 8am and get back at 2pm.

There are also some other multi-day trips or shorter excursions, including an overnight trip including Marrakech and Essaouira and a short excursion for camel riding in the desert. All prices can be found either on the ROBINSON app or at the ROBINSONADEN desk at the club, located in the Jardin Andalous.

The souks (or markets) are one of the most beautiful places in Marrakech!

A day trip from Agadir to Marrakech is a perfect addiction to your ROBINSON Club vacation!


Day trip into Agadir city

You can either take a taxi (as mentioned above) to explore Agadir city or you can go on one of ROBINSON’s organised excursions. The excursion takes you to the marina, the Kasbah (a type of fortress), a Berber museum and the souk (market). This is a great day trip for those who don’t want to deal with getting taxis and bartering for the price – Morocco without the stress!

The day trip to Agadir costs 270 MAD per person (€25) and departs at 2:30pm, getting back to the club (with time to get changed for dinner) at 6:30pm.

Don’t forget to buy some Argan oil (the region is famous for it!) and maybe even some Moroccan spices, a tagine pot or a Moroccan tea set. These are great souvenirs to bring home from your trip to Agadir!

Don't forget to buy some Moroccan spices from the souk when you do a day trip to Agadir city! There are so many spices on offer, including many used by the Berber people for medicinal use.


There are so many activities on offer at ROBINSON Club Agadir that it’s hard to decide how to spend your time! We had the most wonderful time during our five-day stay at the resort and came home thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated – the perfect way to experience Morocco without the stress.

Have you stayed at an all-inclusive resort? If not, what do you think of ROBINSON Club Agadir now?


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Agadir Morocco is a beautiful city in the south of Morocco with lots of activities including surfing. There are so many things to do in Agadir and one of the best places to stay has to be ROBINSON Club, an all inclusive resort. This luxury resort is a great place to stay when in Agadir! #morocco

If you're looking for a luxury all inclusive resort to relax in Morocco then don't miss ROBINSON Club Agadir. One of the best things to do in Agadir is to chill at the beach or pool and relax, as well as day trips from Agadir and you can even learn to surf in Agadir as well. Don't miss this luxury hotel resort when you visit Agadir! #agadir #morocco #marokko

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