The holidays are fast approaching (as much as I have been attempting to avoid them), and it’s high time to start buying gifts for the loved (or, at least, mildly appreciated) ones in our lives. Props to you if you’ve started already – you’re much keener more prepared than I!

As a self-professed millennial traveler, I have put together a guide full of gifts perfect for the millennial (or millennial at heart) traveler in your life. Yes, this is basically an entire guide of things I want. 

Don’t judge me.

Disclosure: Some of these links may be affiliate links and therefore I might make some $$ from them, which is likely going towards funding my slightly excessive coffee habit. 

Stocking stuffers (aka, under $30)

Please Santa, I swear I’ve been mildly acceptable good this year…

1 – A cute travel-related phone case

I am a millennial, therefore my phone is permanently attached to my hand. I’m probably also obsessed with Instagram, therefore the aforementioned case must be adorable.

This cute af phone case adorned with a world map and inspirational travel quote for only $14.99

This Morocco-inspired phone case from iDeal of Sweden for $29.99

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - cute phone cases

2 – A universal plug adaptor

Yes, we might be attracted to Instagrammable things, but that’s not all that great if all your electronics have run out of charge.

So, a universal plug adaptor (including USB ports!) is a great addition to any traveler’s repertoire. And only $19.99, if you’re counties pennies. Or cents, in this case.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - universal plug adaptor

Look, it’s just so (practically) sexy

3 – A portable power bank

See above for reasoning and just add ‘on the go’. Plus it’s rose gold, because I love that sh*t.

This adorbs rose gold power bank is 20,000 mAh and can, therefore, charge your rose gold iPhone 7 Plus (totally not what I own…) around 5-6 times. And is only $29.99! Dayum.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - portable powerbank


4 – A scratch-off world map

Because we all need wall art that enables us to #humblebrag about all the places we’ve been. Duh. 

This world map specifically, because the scratched-off parts are RAINBOW. I need this. So. Much.

Also, $29.99. I’m taking this ‘under $30’ thing reaaaaal serious.


Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - scratch off world map


5 – A world map necklace

Because wearable yet useless maps are great. Like, $8.95 kinda great.

Oh, and it also comes in rose gold. Of course.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - world map necklace

6 – A mini travel notebook

Because even though we’re millennial, we like to feel vintage. Also so we have something cute to share on Instagram, duh.

These mini notebooks from Cavallini come in a variety of designs, but these vintage maps ones (set of 3) are my personal favorites. Actually, who am I kidding, I want aaaaaalllllll of them.

They range in price from $9.92 to $16.70, which seem like thoroughly random yet precise prices. I’m rather eyeing up the Paris ones for my next trip though…

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - travel notebook

7 – A travel thermos

Stay hydrated! Also, do it in style with this super Instagrammable marble thermos. Why? Because you can.

$15.97, y’all. Oh yes.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - travel thermos


8 – A travel saying as wall art

I chose this one specifically since I’m convinced it’s in every other millennial’s bio on Instagram…

And if it’s in your insta bio, why not on your wall? For $16.97, it can be.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - travel wall art

9 – A portable wine glass

For when you need wine on the go, this $24 glass has got your back.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - portable wine glass

10 – A t-shirt expressing your love of avocado toast

Because it doesn’t get more millennial than a $16.99 t-shirt showing how much you love avo toast.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - avocado toast top

11 – A super cute eye mask

You’re bound to be on some long ass (*ahem* long haul) flights, so here’s an adorable eye mask so you can shut out all that horrible, nasty light. It comes in four different colours and is only $1!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - cute sleep eye mask

12 – A totally instagrammable passport cover

Also, it’s pretty useful for holding extra stuff, like a yellow fever vaccination certificate (if you have one), or those pesky luggage stickers you get when you check in your bags.

My top picks are this minimal airplane one for $7.95, this millennial marble one (millennial marble is a color now, okay) for $9.55 and this vintage world map one for $19.99 because DUH, of course, a vintage world map design is going to be included.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - passport cover

13 – A 100% cash money box

Although I am tempted to stash my credit card in there so I won’t use it…

ANYWAY, this ‘travel fund’ change box is perfect for stashing your loose change and to see it add up to probably enough for an overpriced coffee at the airport enough for that dream vacation!

Spend $22.90 and the money you didn’t spend on it will soon add up.

Also entirely appropriate for giving to your travel-loving-and-yet-totally-useless-with-money friend (or child).

PS: This ‘adventure fund‘ is also super damn cute, except it has no world map on it. WHY?!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - travel fund money box

14 – A bucket list in a book

Proceed with caution: after reading Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel you will want to go everywhere.

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This book will put you back $14.44, but the ensuing money spent due to travel will likely be much, much more.

You have been warned.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel

15 – A printed Instagram feed

Just kidding, this is definitely more than that. 300 incredible images of the Big Apple can be found between the covers of New York City on Instagram – featuring 40 amazing Instagrammers.

Particularly if NYC is on your bucket list (or your next trip) or you are gifting a traveler who is heading that way, this book is well worth a look. ($17.10, since you asked.)

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - new york city instagram book

16 – A mug for all your adventures

I own this mug and I love it. I keep it at my parents’ house (for no real apparent reason, considering I’m rarely there) and I’m tempted to buy a second one to have at my flat. And possibly a third that I actually take with me while I’m travelling…

Also at $11.95 it’s something I can actually afford unlike paying off my credit card.

Choices, choices.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - enamel travel mug

17 – A travel thermos for the mountain lovers

For the hiking (or snowsports) lovers among us, this is the perfect tumbler. If you were wondering (you probably weren’t), the quote is from John Muir and is taken from one of the letters he wrote to his sister. And now you know.

On a more practical note, it’s $14.99 and holds 10.3 ounces (approx 300ml) of liquid.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - mountains travel tumbler

18 – A travel kit of mini essentials

This airplane mode travel kit is the (cutest) ultimate essentials kit for your (or a friend’s) travels – filled with 18 mini essentials, including earplugs, hand lotion and a handy packing checklist.

At $29, this is the ideal gift for a travel-loving friend (although it does include a wrinkle remover… which I don’t consider entirely essential, but whatever).

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - airplane travel kit

Slightly more expensive sh*t (aka, over $30)

1 – A bag with a vintage world map on it

Because it’s a requirement to remind everyone that YES, I TRAVEL.

Also, who doesn’t love a good matching bag set? (And it’s only $46.76, too.)

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - travel bag

2 – A carry-all pouch

Of course, with travel designs on it. This time ‘wanderlust’ in cursive writing, because OF COURSE.

This adorable little bag set for $42 can be used for anything from makeup bags to holding charger cables to, what I end up using them for, holding any bits of paper I deem useful or have a possible (yet unlikely) need to keep.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - make up bag

3 – A handbag with a hidden wine compartment

Apparently, this is now the bag section. Oh well. You will definitely want this gorgeous handbag that has a hidden wine compartment, enabling you to pour your wine directly from your handbag. It also comes in a selection of colours (although I’m quite disappointed their colours aren’t things like ‘merlot’, ‘white Zinfandel’ and so on).

Um, yes please?

At $74.95 this isn’t quite a steal, but it’s definitely my kind of handbag.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - handbag with wine compartment

4 – A whiskey decanter shaped like a globe

Because what is more elegant than keeping your whiskey (or bourbon, rum, gin or any other form of alcohol) in a decanter that is shaped like a globe and even has a glass sailing ship inside?

At $54.97, it’s both functional and decorative and perfect for the whiskey (or whisky) drinkers among us.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - globe whiskey decanter

PS: Buy these gorgeous etched world map whiskey glasses to go with your decanter – the perfect set!

5 – A digital Polaroid camera

A millenial-ised version of the classic instant Polaroid camera – it prints without ink on a special type of paper and you can keep all your snaps digitally on the micro SD card. Cool, huh?

Be only $89 out of pocket and this, too, could be yours…

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - digital Polaroid camera

6 – A bucket list lengthening book

Lonely Planet’s ‘The Travel Book’ introduces the reader to every single country in the world. The essential travel book for the millennial who wants to go everywhere.

It costs $34, which isn’t bad considering it details what to do, when to go and where to go in 230 countries around the world.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Lonely Planet travel book

7 – A blogger’s favourite camera

Do you want a camera that’s functional AND instagrammable? Yep, so did I. That’s why I bought the Olympus E-PL8 camera and I am so glad I did. It’s way more compact than my DSLR so it’s perfect when I only have hand luggage and don’t want camera gear taking up all my packing space, yet is a great little camera in its own right.

For $549 I expected it to be pretty darn good – and with its touchscreen and 180-degree tilt LCD monitor, RAW capability and full manual mode, it definitely lived up to my expectations. It also has interchangeable lenses (the ‘kit’ lens is a 14-42mm, which is generally ideal for most people) and also syncs with your smartphone over WiFi. Plus it comes in multiple colors. Yasssssssss!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Olympus E-PL8 camera

8 – Remove the guessing with a gift card

With millennials being major lovers of the sharing economy, getting us a gift card for accommodation like Airbnb is generally a good choice.

Obviously, gift cards can be any amount you want to put on them, but $50 is a nice amount for Airbnb for sure!

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Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Airbnb gift card

9 – The ultimate travel backpack

Be one of the first people to get your hands on the ultimate travel backpack – the Kosan Travel Pack System. With five different ways of carrying your gear (including as a messenger bag and as a duffle bag) plus lockable zippers, a hidden phone compartment, RFID blocking passport and valuables pockets and built-in organisational pockets, this really is the ultimate travel backpack.

Kosan is a Kickstarter campaign with shipping due to begin in April 2018 – it won’t arrive in time for this holiday season, but it’s definitely a great investment for the new year!

Starting at $188 for the full travel pack system, it’s worth getting your purchase in before it goes up to full retail prices!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Kosan ultimate travel backpack

10 – A stylish camera bag

I’m so bored of the generic black camera bags that you see in camera stores – I’m guessing quite a lot of people are, considering all the cute camera bags I’ve seen popping up this year!

This is a non-generic, yet also black, camera bag (it does also come in red!) made from real leather and will hold a DSLR (such as the size of a Nikon D3000 series) as well as a lens, plus some extras (e.g. phone, tablet, keys etc).

It retails at $69, and Isaac Mizrahi also has other designs that range in price from around $25 for a small bag that will hold a point and shoot to $249 backpacks that will hold a large DSLR, two lenses and a laptop as well.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - stylish camera bag


11 – A world map camera strap

To adorn your beautiful camera and to be practical when it’s not in your gorgeous camera bag, a lovely camera strap is a must. This vintage map camera strap is ideal, since it shows you are not only a wonderful photographer but you travel the world as well. Of course.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - vintage map camera strap

12 – An ultra instagrammable watch

Because all the cool kids are doing that, right?

Join in the craze with your own watch that’s perfect for #followmeto photos and other wrist-important shots.

The Kapten & Son watch that I’m flaunting totally casually in front of a scenic Hawaiian waterfall retails at $159.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Kapten and Son watch

13 – An Instagram-appropriate hat

The top accessory (besides the Instagram-worthy watch) is, most definitely, the Instagram hat.

This $31.42 floppy brimmed hat is a great choice for ultra regrammable shots of you looking into the distance and holding on to your hat.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - Instagram hat

Amazing Experiences

Research shows that millennials would prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than ‘things’, so here are some amazing experiences you can buy for the millennial in your life:

1 – For the lover of luxury (London), £416

How does a 5* London hotel stay with champagne, a 6-course Michelin-starred dinner and The View from the Shard for two sound? It sounds pretty darn fancy to me!

For those who like a spot of luxury in their lives, this one-night stay in London would be perfect for a romantic break or for a pair of foodies.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - experience a one night luxury stay in London

2 – For the aspiring photographer (Bath), £75

Come to the city where I currently reside and do a half-day photography course! Bath is one of the prettiest cities in the UK (I am totally not biased) and on this experience, you will get the opportunity to tour the city (including visits to the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent) and learn photography skills as you go.

This is a great gift for someone who is new to photography or has just purchased a DSLR, or even someone who wants to visit Bath and brush up their photography at the same time.

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - experience a half day photography tour of Bath

3 – For the one whose head is in the clouds (Napa Valley), $219

Only joking, this one is for anyone who would love to see the ground from a hot air balloon. See the beautiful Napa Valley with its vineyards from above and dream of your next glass of wine.

The perfect gift for a wine lover!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - experience a hot air balloon ride in Napa

4 – For the beach lover (Jamaica, with flights from US), from $649

If you’re a beach lover – or you know someone who is – this package deal from Groupon might be the ideal trip! Flights to Montego Bay from a variety of US cities are included (including Miami, New York and Chicago to name a few), plus a 3-, 4- or 6-night stay at an all-inclusive resort.

If you are looking for some Caribbean relaxation, this is definitely the experience!

Holiday gift guide for the millennial traveler - experience a stay in Jamaica


The festive season is well upon us and, if you haven’t yet started your shopping for the holidays, this guide should be a great start to finding that perfect gift for me the millennial traveler in your life.

Let me know in the comments if anything here has inspired you, OR if *shock horror* you have already started your gift shopping!

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